Video Gallery

Sculpture students work in variety of approaches, processes and materials, from traditional to contemporary, including metal casting, clay, wood, fiber, ceramics and video installation. Our students focus on personal creative expression.

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Sodus Art Banck Residency

Our students worked with art professor Howard Tran and visiting artists Amanda Lee and Bruce Sodervick of Sodus Art Banck to produce original bronze sculptures in our foundry during the artists' three-day residency at Lycoming.

The Real Fiction

The Real Fiction is a multi-media installation created by two art majors, Joshua R. Troxler and Rene Pucilowski. It explores the world of science fiction through art. “We are really inspired by 'cheesy' sci-fi, however, there is nothing 'cheesy' about the themes we are exploring. We created pieces that examine time travel, outer space, recycling, technology and the future of the planet."

"The Real Fiction was a trial run for us. We had never done a show before and this was a combination of art and ideas that we thought made sense. The show is very cinematic; it has many technological elements to tie it together. Every piece was conceived, worked and reworked for almost four months; many ideas were cut and/or connected to other ideas. In the end, we produced a final show with a themed open house feel. As people walked through, we got a sense of stillness. People were paying attention and getting into it. That made it all worth it for us. As we put the show up and took it down, we both felt a sense of accomplishment. However, this accomplishment only lasted a few minutes. We are ready to start something new; stay tuned." Josh and Rene