Meet Kaitlin Hallabuk

I am currently a senior here at Lycoming College. I am a Commercial Design major and a Business minor. As a design major, I have explored graphic design, web design, interactive media and animation. I also really enjoy the fine arts. I have explored media other than digital, such as drawing and sculpture, in a variety of art courses included in the art foundation program. Taking these classes has helped me develop a better understanding and appreciation of art and helped me expand my critical thinking skills, which translated into success in my non-art courses as well.

My artwork focuses heavily upon human consciousness and our thought processes. When looking into a crowd, all one sees is a sea of faces. Any sense of individuality is lost. In our fast-paced society, many people live their entire lives viewing people in this fashion, as just a face, a body. They completely disregard the fact that each of these faces has am individual inside that has gone through experiences in life that molded them into a unique being. Even when we do stop to take a look at the faces surrounding us, many of them have come accustomed to hiding what really lies beyond the surface. In my art, I explore this phenomenon and focus on the inner-being and the unique, individual experiences that make us who we are. I explore how life events effect an individual’s perspectives on different situations and relationships with others within their everyday lives.