Meet Nam Do

I am writing this from New York City, where I have my first advertising internship. The Young Globals Award that I won opened the door for me to intern at Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness, one of the world's best in healthcare advertising. I have met many inspirational people, learned the ins and outs of agency life, and used my creativity and technical skills to help real clients solve real problems. There have been long days, but I grow or learn something new every day, so I wouldn't trade them for anything. I give it my best, because I know hard work pays off in the end. And hey, it's NYC we are talking about. A thoroughly exciting city that takes one's breath away. So, better move fast.

I like to tell my American friends that I come from the other side of the world - I grew up in Hanoi, a city of over seven million in the small country of Vietnam. Through my journey at Lycoming College, I have explored my passions and found a path of my own. Now a senior, double major in Commercial Design and Marketing, I'm determined to pursue a creative career in the world of advertising.

Nam Do

I have always been interested in art, but I once could not imagine a future working in an artistic field. This is partly due to my upbringing in a culture where artists are under-appreciated and often struggle to make ends meet. But I soon realized the potential of art to communicate powerful ideas and influence the culture. This notion is both proven and constantly challenged in advertising, which I think is absolutely exciting. Works such as the "Fearless Girl" statue give me inspiration to challenge myself to better the world using art and advertising.

It took me a long while to finally decide on pursuing art, but Lycoming gave me the freedom to discover my true vocation. In fact, the idea that I have a long way to go has been a tremendous drive that motivates me to charge ahead. I took advantage of the opportunities shared and made possible by the art faculty and have fortunately won a national logo design contest for Tech Doc Fest 2018, and the international Young Globals Award with my poster addressing the opioid crisis. This achievement is a perfect example of a timeless lesson: There are countless opportunities out there - what important is whether one decides to grab them. My future began when I grabbed the opportunity to study at Lycoming College.

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