Nicole Dextras: Artist-In-Residence

Nicole Dextras was an Artist-In-Residence at Lycoming College September 20-27, 2015 and her work was featured in a solo exhibition, Nicole Dextras: A-Dressing the Future at the Lycoming College Art Gallery. During her residency Dextras worked with Lycoming sculpture, 3-D design and photography students to create a dress made totally from natural materials. Art senior Kelly Pankowski led a parade from campus to the downtown Lycoming College Art Gallery and modeled the dress for the gallery reception.   Residency Photos

The A-Dressing the Future series looks at the worlds of adornment and language in a dystopian scenario of survivors, where the fragility of life is more evident, words melt and grow while the need for beautification and status persists. This work questions our dependency on language and our conviction of its certainty. It also dresses the survivors of this dystopian future in plant-based garments that epitomize the resourcefulness of future creatives in the face of material shortages.

This series of photographs is the culmination of 10 years of ephemeral installations and photography that values the pathos in decay. The photographs are arranged to simulate a magazine layout but the columns of text have been left blank. This is the work of a mad editor who decides to revive the printed page into a post apocalyptic montage of images.

Nicole Dextras' art practice is based in social interventions and environmental installation, rooting nature to our everyday urban experience. She has exhibited her work in widely in Canada, the USA, Europe and in Asia. Recent projects include the Landesgarten Show in Germany, the Eco Art Fest in Toronto, WinterJourney art residency in Banff and Ego-Eco at the Begovich Gallery in California.
For more information, please visit Dextras' website.

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