Banners Against Racism

The following students in Lynn Estomin’s Art Practicum seminar created a series of banners responding to issues of Race in America with the goal of sparking discussion:
Laura Cinicola, Arissa Dickison, Ben Leinaweaver, Amanda Miller, Kyle Petchock, Jeff Poshkus, Gabe Riggs, Nicole Silvia and Lucas Wisniewski.

For the month of March 2015, the 8’ x 4’ banners formed a physical space in Pennington Lounge where groups or classes met and conversations happened. Following the recent deaths of black men while engaged with police, the issue of race relations has again become a topic of national conversation. We hoped to continue the conversation locally, examining what attitudes stand in the way of creating a truly inclusive culture in Williamsport and exploring ways we can build a stronger culture of respect and appreciation for the diversity in our community. After a month in Pennington Lounge, the banners moved off campus and into the Williamsport community.

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