Williamsport is known for many things, such as being the home of International Little League, but like all cities, the people shape the culture. This site is intended to tell these people's stories and examine how the city has shaped them in turn. The original objective was to engage with local business owners and understand why they chose to "setup shop" here. However, the project expanded quickly after the participants began discussing local issues during their interviews. The interviews ranged from twenty minutes to as long as two hours.

The website features their stories in multiple formats (text, audio, photographs, and/or film). As an artist and writer, I believe storytelling has the ability to influence everyone, whether the stories are relatable or unique. All of my interviews encompass personal stories: One native described her near-death experience, and a couple explained how they met, while many simply revealed what they wanted others to know about themselves and their home. Although most of the questions varied, dependent on whom I interviewed, I presented the same two questions to everyone: “What’s something that Williamsport is known for (besides Little League)?” and “What is an issue you’ve seen in the area, and how can we make it better?”
Williamsport is a thriving, small city, but like all cities, it has problems. This series is meant to shed light on the raw elements of the area, which is why I have made minimal edits to the interview content. Although I am not a native of Williamsport and have not lived here long, I believe that this city is special for far more than Little League baseball; it’s a place filled with people who strive to better their community.​