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Students will have opportunities for travel, spending part of a summer or May term traveling in the Middle East or Europe, visiting museums and ancient sites, and observing aspects of the various cultures.

  • Faculty-guided study tours in the Near East will be conducted in conjunction with summer dig projects during the May or summer terms.
  • Students may also elect to participate in other organized programs such as at Jerusalem University College (formerly the Institute for Holy Land Studies) in Jerusalem, or seminars and study tours organized by the Biblical Archaeology Society.
  • Students will also have opportunity for independent travel, and Lycoming will assist students as they plan for a specialized travel project which will meet their academic needs and be financially feasible.
  • Students can obtain academic credit for special study projects relating to any aspect of Near Eastern, Classical or Greco-Roman study done in conjunction with such travel.
  • In cooperation with the Lycoming College Study Abroad Program, students may also arrange to spend a semester of study abroad in the Middle East, Greece, or other places (such as London, where the resources available for Near Eastern study are exceptional).

Study Abroad

Recent May Term travel courses have included trips to Cambodia and Vietnam with the Art Department (2006), Medieval Barcelona, Spain with the History Department (2007), Greece and Turkey with the Art Department (2008), and Germany with the History Department (2008, 2010). Our students have also pursued summer language study in Egypt (Arabic), Italy (Italian and Latin), Germany, and France. In addition to May Term and Summer Term travel courses, digging, internship and language study opportunities overseas, many of our Religion and Archaeology students spend a semester doing Study Abroad. Taking advantage of Semester Study Abroad opportunities recently:

  • Spring 2011 in Israel: Kirstin Rose
  • Fall 2010 in France: Robyn Price
  • Fall 2009–Spring 2010 in England: Sam Miller
  • Fall 2009 in Germany: Britta Spaulding
  • Spring–Summer 2008 in Italy:  Sean McGrath
  • Fall 2007 in England: Kristina Manente
  • Fall 2007 in France: Melissa King
  • Fall 2007 in Germany: Kyle Kissell and Kirsten Darby
  • Fall 2007 in Italy: Lesley Haines
  • Fall 2006 in France: Megan Engelman
  • Fall 2006 in Ireland: Jennifer Prince
  • Spring 2006 in Italy: Lindsay Vosburg
  • Fall 2003 in England: Rachel Blaasch

For those wanting to get connected with opportunities in American Archeology within the local community, consider joining the North-Central Chapter of the Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology, which meets monthly in the Lycoming County Historical Museum (just down 4th St. from campus), and get involved with the local Muncy Dig! Contact Sandy Rife at the Historical Museum for details, or ask Robin Knauth or Robin Van Auken.