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Life on the Dig

Daily Life Daily Life

Our dig housing is typically in a local school. Army cots are provided.

Dig hours are Sunday through Thursday from 6 to 11 am, followed by pottery processing from 11 to noon. After lunch and a siesta break, work resumes from 4 to 7pm. Field school students are required to attend after dinner lectures two times a week. Friday and Saturday are our days off. Most field trips to museums and other archaeological sites will take place on Friday mornings and afternoons. The field trips are covered in the field school student's tuition. Volunteers will need to pay for transportation. A beach stop is often included.

The expedition provides all meals on working days. Our kitchen is staffed by a local Cypriote couple who prepare delicious, native cuisine. Besides familiar Greek specialties, like moussaka and stuffed vegetables, they also serve dishes unique to Cyprus. The ample and varied fare easily accommodates vegetarian diets. We are usually invited as guests by our neighbors at least once during a season

With Fridays and Saturdays off, you will have plenty of time to sightsee, shop, run errands, and relax at the beach. The local towns have a variety of cafes, pubs, and restaurants. Modern facilities include a post office, banks with ATMs, and excellent international phone service.

The island of Cyprus is easy to explore in a series of day or overnight trips. English is widely spoken. The dig site is less than an hour's drive from the beach and 20 minutes from Nicosia (Lefkosia), the capital of Cyprus. Taxi and bus service is readily available. It's easy to pool resources and arrange island-wide transport on your days off.

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