Aerial view of campus with Williamsport, the Susquehanna River and Bald Eagle Mountain as a backdrop

Outside the Classroom - Practicum Field Placements

Serving a wider population of about 120,000 people, Williamsport is the epicenter of human services for not only Lycoming County but several surrounding counties in north central Pennsylvania. Opportunities for internships (practicum field placements) abound right outside your classroom door. Additionally, we have a history of placement of anthropology-concentration students in nationally-competitive summer internship programs at both the American Museum of Natural History in New York and the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC.

Examples of recent local practicum placements for the Department of Anthropology-Sociology include, but are not limited to:

  • Quest Outdoor Adventure and Recreation Program
    Matthew Amendolara worked with Quest, an outdoor education program at Bloomsburg University where he compiled the risks of the program and transformed them into a training document. Matt also participated in some of the activities offered by Quest—such as ice climbing—in order to better assess the risks involved.
  •  Veterans Place of Washington Boulevard
    Tiffany Craig attended a conference in Pittsburg with sociology professor, Dr. McCall and two other Lycoming students. During the conference, she participated in a contest hosted by Veterans Place. Through this conference experience, she became interested in the organization Veterans Place. The goal of Veteran’s place is to eradicate homelessness among veterans in the Pittsburg area. During her time with the organization, Tiffany worked on their website to clearly present the goals, mission, and important information about Veterans Place. She also worked on a project for Memorial Day in which deceased veterans from Pittsburg are honored. She was responsible for verifying information for the veterans who are being honored for the plaque that was unveiled as part of the 2015 Memorial Day events.
  • Lycoming College Office of the Associate Dean of Students and Deputy Title IX Coordinator

    Victoria Goodwin worked with Lycoming College’s Dean Kat Matic as they developed a process for training faculty and staff who serve as mentors for victims of sexual assault. She gathered information about Title IX issues, and also worked on compiling best practices for Title IX.

  • The Williamsport Home Continuing Care Retirement Community
    Prior to her practicum, Katelyn Lord had previously been a volunteer with The Williamsport Home for about a year. During her practicum, she worked on the organization’s social media presence by creating a Facebook and LinkedIn page for them. She planned activities such as a senior prom, and a pig roast for the residents. She also worked with potential residents who were on the Community’s waiting list. 
  • Thomas T. Taber Museum of Lycoming County Historical Society
    Caroline McMaster conducted historical research on exhibits at the museum to further the background information for this museum of Lycoming County history. She also had the opportunity to create her own exhibit—titled 18th Century Home Management Exhibit -- that was on display at the Williamsport City Hall.
  • STEP Inc. Non-Profit Community Action Agency
    Katrina Patton had the opportunity to work with one of Lycoming-Clinton County’s largest private, non-profit social service agencies. Katrina conducted home visits for families who wanted to utilize one of the programs and resources that STEP offers for children, such as the Early Learning Pathway. She also contributed to the program evaluations for one of the programs offered by STEP, called Head Start. 
  • Community Solutions Inc.
    Dejonia Reid worked with Community Solutions Inc.,which is a non-profit organization that works with at-risk and disadvantaged youths and adults. Dejonia went on home visits to work with families who were trying to prevent their kids from returning to the juvenile system. She also compiled information to be used for organizational assessment. 
  • Firetree Place Rehabilitation and Reentry Program
    Taylor Toczylousky worked on Firetree place’s social media presence by updating their Facebook page as well as their online events calendar. She also supervised the Classic Club, a group of local seniors, and coordinated activities such as chair aerobics, crafts, and bingo for them. She helped organize an event called Leading Ladies, for Women’s Hisory month. She also planned a health fair which took place in the Firetree place facilities. The healthfair featured Health information from organizations such as American Red Cross and Aim Healthy, health screenings by Susquehanna health, cooking demonstrations, and various fitness activities.  
  • Americorps — Americorps is about helping others in the community. They focus on tutoring/mentoring the disadvantaged youth, improving health services, building more affordable housing, keeping the environment clean and our water pure, and help create/continue after-school programs.
  • Big Brother Big Sister — This program is all about keeping today's children out of trouble with the help of mentors creating one-on-one relationships with them. The mentors are matched with children ranging from 6 to 18 years old either in community-based mentoring or school-based mentoring.
  • Office of Codes, City of Williamsport — This department is working towards keeping the people of Williamsport informed of what is going on their community such as community development programs and through the council's agenda, resolutions, and ordinances.
  • Community Traffic Safety Project — This project works to keep the roads and highways of Pennsylvania safe and wants to make sure the drivers on the roads are doing their job to keep others safe as well.
  • Girls Scouts of America — This program focuses on girls becoming self sufficient, strong, independent women and also includes becoming leaders through experiences such as community service and any sort of work with the community to help make it a better place.
  • Ombudsman Programming, PA Office of Aging — This program works to provide services to their clients and strives to make sure elderly rights are not taken away. It wants to improve life for the aging community in Pennsylvania to make sure they are not forgotten about.
  • Susquehanna Health System Pharmacy — This system offers help to women, children, seniors, and the disadvantaged. They work with other community organizations to try to keep the community healthy and happy.
  • The Guardian, Williamsport's Alternative Newspaper — This newspaper is progressive, non-profit organization run by a volunteer staff and board of directors that focuses on under-represented political viewpoints. They want to help the community connect with families and the national connect with local.
  • AIDS Resource — This is a non-profit organization that provides educational programs, prevention and outreach to help stop the spread of HIV/AIDS. It also helps provide assistance to people already living with HIV/AIDS.
  • Eckel's Adoption Agency — This is a private company that strives to make sure children of unwanted pregnancies can have a good home and life and also allows people who are unable to have children to create their own family through other means.
  • HOPE Enterprises, Inc. — This program works with people who have mental retardation. This gives them a place to go to get help with learning and also provides residential programs so people with mental retardation can live together.
  • Lycoming College Office of Student Programming & Leadership Development — This co-curricular program allows students to have personal growth and intellectual development. It includes educational, social and recreational programming, and leadership training of student organizations.
  • Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals — This program is about preventing cruelty to animals. This program rescues animals of cruelty, helps them get better, and hopefully finds a good home for these pets to go to.
  • Campbell Street Family, Youth & Community Association — Campbell Street Family, Youth & Community Association: This program works directly with the Williamsport community and offers youth and adult educational programs, minority health outreach programs, recreational programs, and volunteer programs to get the entire community involved with their home.