Lycoming College Class of 1972

50 CELEBRATION ROBERT L. PRIEST 19 Robert L. Priest 108 Hanna Street Harrisburg, PA 17104 (717) 234-8154 (717) 579-5665 Employment Retired Employer PA House of Representatives, Democratic Office of Demographic Analysis Position Assistant Director of Demographic Analysis Spouse Linda Ivanoff Community Involvement American Contract Bridge League District 4, Unit 168 and Harrisburg Bridge Club Multiple official positions in each over the years Currently Unit 168 Tournament Coordinator & North American Pairs Coordinator Harrisburg Bridge Club, Club Manager Lycoming Memories Being local, I would come to campus early and spend all my non-class time in the Student Union Building. Lunch time always had multiple tables of Pinochle, Hearts, and Bridge Lycoming Escapades Being the son of Dr. Loring Priest, I did not identify myself, as such, to others. I was actually incognito playing cards in the Student Union. I was just Bob. Apparently, many knew I was on campus, but didn’t know it was me. I would love getting others to talk about their courses, and especially sought more comments from the history students. Two months on, I was playing bridge with Kip Buckingham (a person I played some with at the Williamsport Bridge Club). Kip blurted out my full name. Sandy Goodyear ‘71 (history) was on my left and went white as a sheet, “What’s your name?” she asked. “Bob,” I replied. “Bob what?” came the reply. After a few moments, the shock turned to laughter and nothing in the relationships changed. Lyco Friends Bobbie Goodyear, Bernie Lansberry, and a crew of too many others whose names I have long since forgotten. Actually, I reconnected with Bobbie Goodyear in 2018 as she gave up social bridge (having lost too many partners) and joined the Harrisburg Bridge Club. Stay in Touch I maintained no real contacts. Other than the alumni office, most of my contact has been with Roger Crebs and the wrestling program, having been an avid fan (and contributor) since I graduated. I never actually wrestled, but always loved the individual, win or lose, no excuses, aspect of the sport. Interests Politics and numbers. Worked two years for the PA Democratic State Committee before moving the House of Representatives Appropriations Committee. In 1990, I moved over to the Office of Demographic Analysis. In the census cycles (1990-1991 and 2000-2001), I was one of just three or four people drawing new Legislative and Congressional districts for our caucus. In 1991, I was the lone analysist drawing Congressional Districts for consideration by the Master appointed by the PA Supreme Court. My map was chosen by the Master and became the districts for the decade. Difference Lycoming Made I was aimless coming in and while there. During my senior year, there was a Special Election for State Senator in Lycoming County. An individual named Don Paul, Democratic Chair from York County, was running the democratic candidate’s campaign. I loved politics, but I hated face-to-face contacts. I learned there were multiple people behind every politician, and I found my niche. Post-Lycoming Experiences Following Lycoming athletics. Most importantly wrestling, but also soccer. Believing sports is an integral part of a well-rounded, small college experience, I have given close to half my contributions to the Warrior Club funds. Obviously, the majority of my contributions go to the Loring B. Priest Research Fund, the fund established by former Professor Thomas Barnes upon my father’s death in 1984.