Dear Prospective Warriors,

This is a time in your life you will never forget—not only because of the events that have transpired across the globe, but because it is a turning point for your future! While we wish you could be here in person to celebrate your acceptance, we've done our best to bring Accepted Students Day right to your front door. Below you will find a series of video presentations detailing our culture, academics, student life, and more. We invite you to dive on in (come back and revisit as your schedule allows), and should any questions arise, please contact us—we are more than happy to meet with you via phone or video conference or connect you with any member of our community!

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Greetings & Opening Remarks

Mike Konopski
Vice President of Enrollment Management

Dr. Kent C. Trachte
President of the College

Essential Distinctions

Dr. Susan M. Ross
Vice Provost

What do teaching, engaged students, successful outcomes, and a vibrant community have to do with your college choice? Everything! Learn more about Lycoming's strengths, academic offerings, study abroad programs, and internships. Don't miss this unique opportunity to learn what Lycoming does best to ensure that you don't just end up with a piece of paper on the wall, but an investment in your future.

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Living, Learning, Leading: Your Lycoming Experience

Mallory Weymer
Director of Civic Engagement & Personal Development

Jae Ellison
Director of Outdoor Leadership & Education

At Lycoming, being involved isn't a matter of if, but a matter of how much. From student-run clubs and organizations to Greek life, service, and outdoor adventures, discover how students at Lycoming use community-building, self-authorship, social responsibility, and leadership to define their unique student experience.

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Campus Tour

Andrew Canavan
Admissions Counselor

What spaces on campus have been recently renovated? Where is the good luck bell located? How do we celebrate Thanksgiving? Find out the answers to these questions and more on your student-guided tour of campus.

Faculty Panel

  • Charles Mahler
    Associate Professor of Chemistry
  • Mary E. Morrison
    Chair and Assistant Professor of Biology
  • Justin Lopez-Medina
    Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice-Criminology
  • Len Cagle
    Assistant Professor of German
  • Anne Landon
    Career Advisor
  • Lakeisha Meyer
    Assistant Dean of Academic Services and Director of the Academic Resource Center
  • Mallory Weymer
    Director of Civic Engagement & Personal Development
  • Jae Ellison
    Director of Outdoor Leadership & Education

Financial Aid

Jim Lakis
Director of Financial Aid

With the many changes occurring in student financial aid, you might find this video helpful. We are committed to helping you find the necessary resources to make a Lycoming College education a reality.

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Student Videos by Major

What's it really like to be a biology or psychology major at Lycoming? What opportunities and experiences might you have in your academic area of interest? How will you get involved outside of the classroom? Our students have recorded a message just for you answering those questions!

Life After Lyco: Young Alumni

Jordan Hollander ’10

Jordan Hollander ’10
Deputy Attorney General, New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement

Majored in: Political Science, International Studies, & French

It is hard to imagine my life and career now without my experiences and education at Lycoming. I remain in touch with many of my professors, who continue to teach and encourage me. I cannot imagine my collegiate career without the Lycoming College Choirs and my chance to travel with them across the U.S., Europe, and South America, carrying on a decades-old tradition that continues today. The College provided me with the foundation to pursue graduate studies, and I still apply many of the lessons I learned there at my current job. Some of my proudest professional accomplishments since graduating include being selected as one of the "40 under 40 Emerging Leaders of Gaming", being chosen as a "New Leader of the Bar", and receiving an Attorney General Team Award for Excellence in an Administrative Hearing for the licensing of the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City in 2018.

Nicole Calella ’17

Nicole Calella ’17
Officer, Supreme Court Police

Majored in: Criminal Justice

At Lycoming, I learned so much outside of the classroom. My internship with Old Lycoming Township Police Department gave me valuable insight into my career choice and the type of person I want to be. Also, being a student athlete taught me more than just basketball—it taught me how to be on a team, how to work hard, how to be disciplined—and in the field of being a police officer, those are three important characteristics to have. I knew I wanted a federal-level career, but I never anticipated having the opportunity to work in Washington, D.C. so quickly after graduating college. Recruiters from the Supreme Court Police came to Lycoming for a career fair, so I applied. From there, I passed the next steps required and got the job! A major part of my job involves interacting with Supreme Court Justices regularly; I'm incredibly proud and honored to protect them.

Heidi Perez ’19

Heidi Perez ’19
Director College Planning, Atollo Prep

Majored in: Psychology, Spanish

I was born and raised in Los Angeles. My entire life, that is all I knew. Lycoming provided me with the opportunity to explore, learn a new atmosphere, and understand a new way of living. My favorite class was Spanish 321–Art of Spain. The obvious reason is that this course allowed me to visit Spain during spring break. However, it became such a memorable moment/experience as it was the first time in college I had felt challenged. I realized everything wouldn’t always come easy, but I had such a supportive professor that my struggle never really phased me—it pushed me. My education at Lycoming influenced my life and career because at the end of my four years, I realized I wanted to pay it forward. For my entire life, I always had the support and the proper guidance. I wanted to have the ability to influence and help people in any way possible.

Donald “DC” Keys ’17

Donald “DC” Keys ’17
Assistant Finance Officer, Medical Care Development International

Majored in: Economics (Managerial)

Ultimately, I chose Lycoming because it felt like home, as cliché as that sounds. In fact, I would say one of my favorite memories was the annual Thanksgiving Dinner on campus. My cross-country teammates and I would eat together and be served by our coach, who was also the former Dean of Freshman. It was our one last get-together after the season had ended. Lycoming taught me to be adaptable and look at the big picture. This has allowed me to work for a variety of industries, both with a team and solo. Thanks to my education, I’ve learned to never back away from a challenge. My proudest accomplishment after Lyco has been graduating with my Master’s in International Economics and Finance—and I couldn’t have done it if my Lycoming advisor hadn’t pushed me and set the foundation.

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