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Academic Success Toolkit

ARC 100: Success Skills Workshop

ARC-100: Success Skills Workshop is a great course for anyone who wants an edge in achieving academic success at Lycoming College. This course focuses on time management, reading skills, test preparation, note taking, motivation, and other study skills. Topics are designed to encourage students to be proactive regarding academic strategies. ARC-100 is offered each semester. This non-credit course will be graded on a pass/fail basis.

Study Skills Tutoring

Peer tutors are available to meet one-on-one to enhance your study habits and strategies. Simply email one of the tutors (below) to request a meeting.

Examples of skills you might discuss and practice:

  • transferring deadlines from the course syllabus into a planner
  • breaking projects or writing assignments into smaller tasks with mini-deadlines
  • organizing class materials into a binder
  • creating a study plan for an upcoming test
  • improving note-taking strategies used during lectures or when reading texts
  • improving reading comprehension strategies
  • creating study tools (i.e. flashcards, self-tests, and study-guides)

Study Skills Tutors: Taylor HuthIsiah Watson, Alexander "Alex" Keller, Emily KonopkaGabriella Postlethwait, Kierra Best

Other Tips for Academic Success

  • Aim for perfect attendance in each class.
  • Use campus resources early and often-- professors' office hours, subject tutoring, the Writing Center, and the Math Center.
  • Use a planner to track deadlines, tasks, and social commitments. Carry it with you to every class.
  • Compare lecture notes with a classmate to identify areas for improvement.
  • Use helpful technology!
  • Practice active reading-- highlight, write in the margins of the text, take notes, and develop questions to ask later.
  • Create a 3-5 day study plan for every exam. Include study groups with classmates, tutoring sessions, and active study tools like flashcards and study guides.
  • Contact Dr. Lakeisha Meyer for individualized study skills support.