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ARC Student Employment

Each semester, the ARC employs over 150 Lycoming students. We have multiple categories of employment, and some students serve in several capacities, depending on their strengths and areas of study. The various student positions are as follows:

  • Writing Center tutor
  • Math Center tutor
  • Subject tutor
  • Study skills tutor
  • Study group facilitator (SGF)
  • Test reader/scribe for Accessibility Resources
  • ARC office assistant/head tutor

All ARC student employees should be in good academic standing. Tutoring positions require endorsement by a faculty member from the relevant subject area. For more information about each position and how to apply, visit I AM LAUNCHING. Search the on-campus job postings. You can also email Shanna Wheeler, Assistant Director of the ARC, with questions.

I am Launching

This page last updated April 2018.