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Services for International Students

International Student Lab

The International Student Lab is a support service for students looking for friendly advice and feedback from trained peer tutors at any stage of the writing process. Students can receive help with general writing in all subjects, understanding text, practicing speeches, and so forth. This semester, our traditional in-person mode of service will be replaced by remote, email-based feedback from the tutors.

Tutors for Fall 2020

Your ISL tutors and their contact information:

Valeria Rivera Valeria Rivera
Fixed hours: Tuesday 6-8 p.m., Friday 2-4 p.m.
Sohini MukherjeeSohini Mukherjee
Flexible hours/By appointment

How to Contact a Tutor

To request help with an assignment:

  • Plan ahead and contact the tutor at least 2-3 days before the assignment is due.
  • Please note that Valeria is working on a fixed schedule and Sohini has a flexible schedule by appointment.
  • Student and tutor should agree on a timeline for work.
  • Students should then send their questions and/or drafts to the tutor via email. In the email, students should list up to 3 specific questions/concerns and indicate the course and professor (if relevant).
  • Feedback from tutors can be received purely via email or in combination with Zoom.

You can also contact:
Mrs. Marleni Feinstein
570-321-4061 (Office)

Please remember that both the Writing Center and the Math Center are extremely valuable academic resources that are also available to you.