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College Canine Committee

I am De-stressing. I am Lycoming

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The College Canine Committee (CCC) was formed at the start of the fall 2016 semester with the primary goal of helping students to combat stressful situations that naturally arise during challenging points of the academic year. In addition, the CCC reminds students that not only is learning to deal with stress in positive ways an important component of academic achievement, it is a crucial life skill for preparing for careers and a lifetime of success.

Partnership with Alliance of Therapy Dogs

The CCC partners with Alliance of Therapy Dogs to bring certified, well-mannered, loving dogs to campus to pet and spend time with. Even though there are no universal rules that spell out when we will face high levels of anxiety, our experience tells us that there are some identifiable times during any given academic year that tend to be "stressful times" for many. The dogs' visits are strategically scheduled with this in mind.

Collaboration with the Psychology Club

A more recent development, the CCC has begun to collaborate with the College's Psychology Club. These student academic leaders seek to remind their peers that there are other things that we can do to combat test anxiety, for example. Making stress balls and encouraging students to exercise and do yoga are part of their message.

Curricular Connections

The CCC has also encouraged curricular connections. To date, students in Psychology classes have conducted research with dogs from Therapy Dogs International and delivered a paper (The Effects of Animal-Assisted Therapy on Psychological and Physiological Stress). During the Fall 2017 semester, the CCC began partnering with the Education Department to co-sponsor a Guest Panel of professionals who talked about the roles that dogs play in their courtrooms, classrooms, and other professional environments.

Interested in Getting More Involved?

Feel free to contact any member of our team:

A.T. Lambert — Residential Life Coordinator, FYRST
Stephanie Fortin, '95 — Assistant Director of Counseling Services
Alexander Keller '22 — Undecided Major
Melissa Mahler — Assistant for Disability Support Services
Rebecca Rothra — Admissions Data Information Specialist
Rebecca Brown, '11 — Administrative Assistant for Academic Services

Social Media

Be sure to follow the College Canine Committee on Twitter (@lycoccc) so you know when the dogs will be on campus!