“There is something about working on campus that you don’t get anywhere else.”
Krystalynn Anderson ’13, student worker in the art department
inding a job is hard, especially for full-time college students who,
unfortunately, either need to save money to pay for school or need extra
money to pay for daily expenses. Many do not have cars on campus, are
unfamiliar with the area or cannot seem to find any openings flexible enough to
work around their class schedule. It’s a classic conundrum; most students are
too busy with classes, homework, Greek life, clubs, community service, sleep
and a bare minimum social life to have time for a job, despite their need for one.
Yet many of us not only find the time to work, but consider it one of the most
enriching and satisfying experiences of being a Lycoming College student.
And what better place to work than one that requires no driving and no
further planning than rolling out of bed and walking to a different building on
Lycoming’s campus?
Representing Lycoming’s
650 work-study students are,
from left, Lindsey Wittlich ’13,
Timothy Kocher ’14, Stephanie
Figueroa ’14, Kendra
Bitner ’14, Percy Fields ’13
and Amanda Watsula ’13.
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