Clay says he is pleased that Lycoming and other colleges continue their
commitment to educating students with potential, helping them develop into
successful and productive citizens.
“Family was the center of Dolores’ life,” Clay says, “and her education, like mine,
was important to her lifelong success. So when I decided to make Gettysburg the
beneficiary of my IRA, I knew that Dolores would want to do the same for Lycoming
College. These funds, after all, are also hers.”
Dolores and Clay had much in common: both were born and raised in Hughesville,
Pa., both their families were business owners, and they attended the same high
school. Despite paths which crossed frequently, each temporarily took a different
route after high school.
Dolores attended Lycoming, where she earned a biology degree in 1960. She went
on to have a long and successful career in medical technology.
As indicated by a quote from his high school yearbook, college was not, at first,
a consideration for Clay: “Clay is a smiling, happy boy; Why should he study when he can spread joy!”
Instead, he joined the Air Force and served in Japan during the Korean conflict.
After serving his country, however, Clay was ready to further his education, and was welcomed by
Gettysburg. The support of the institution helped make it possible for him to earn a mathematics degree
in 1960.
With college behind them, Clay and Dolores returned to Hughesville, and soon re-connected. They
were married in 1961 and in 1980, adopted two young brothers from
Korea: Tyrus Soon and Jacob Sun.
The Foughts lived for their children. Dolores was active in the
boys’ daily activities and the church. Clay coached them on sports
teams and became a Scoutmaster. Some of his fondest memories
are of the wonderful vacations spent at the family’s Chincoteague
cottage and the many holidays with family and friends before
Dolores passed away.
amily has always been
at the center of the lives
of Dolores (Keller) ’60
and Clay Fought. When Clay
began creating his estate plans
after Dolores passed away in
2005, his family came first.
After making provisions for
his sons and granddaughters,
he chose Lycoming and
Gettysburg colleges as the equal
beneficiaries of his IRA.
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