Dear Friends,
As you can imagine, we receive a lot of
information through the alumni mailbox.
Alumni provide us with address updates,
career change information, class notes,
wedding and birth announcements with
delightful photos (my personal favorite), which
are well-received and shared throughout the
We recently opened an e-mail from
a gentleman who has no affiliation with
Lycoming College, except for the 1974 class
ring he found 13 years ago. He described the
ring as white gold with a red stone engraved
with “TKE” bearing the initials JWT on the
underside. He was seeking our help in finding
the ring’s owner so he could return it.
As luck would have it, there was only one
Lycoming alumnus from the Class of 1974 who
is a TKE and has the initials JWT. Any ’70s
TKEs know who it might be? Spoiler alert,
here it comes—Jay W. Theys. I left a message
for Jay and received a call the next day. After
speaking together, I learned that he lost the
ring while attending a friend’s wedding 27
years ago! After almost three decades, he had
written it off as lost forever. Jay made contact
with the gentleman who found the ring and is
once again proudly sporting the class ring from
his alma mater!
Thank you for continuing to share
information and updates with us. We absolutely
love to know what’s happening in your life and
want to be a part of it while you’re a student,
when you get your first apartment, when you
celebrate milestones and 27 years after you’ve
lost your class ring. Stay in touch!
Amy S. Dowling ’04
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