Campus jobs:
Chemistry 110 study group
facilitator and tutor
What was the hiring process like?
I had to get a faculty recommendation
and attend two or three training sessions
about how to be an effective tutor. For
my study group facilitator job, I was
recommended by a chemistry faculty
member, and I had to attend one or two
training sessions on how to run a study
What do you think of Lycoming’s
employment opportunities?
I think Lycoming has a good amount
of on-campus job opportunities. If you
want an on-campus job, I don’t think
you will have any problem finding one.
I did not expect to come to college and
work on campus. Actually, I decided that
I did not want a job when I came here. It
turned out that I had some extra time and
working as a tutor only required a few
hours a week. I was a little surprised at
the job opportunities. I did not know that
a study group facilitator existed.
Campus jobs:
Career Services;
Admissions tour guide; Café 1812;
sociology tutor
What do you hope to say after graduation
in regards to your campus employment?
I’m very fortunate to work at Career
Services. I’m responsible for a lot of
the advertising for events hosted by
the office. I make the majority of the
posters seen around campus and I do the
sidewalk chalk every weekend promoting
our Monday night event. I also assist with
the actual events, set-up, sign-in, etc. Not
only do I get to represent a great resource
for students on campus, I also feel very
prepared for my life after graduation.
By working with the career advisors
and helping to plan events, I’m learning
skills such as resumé writing, public
speaking and how to be professional in an
interview. In addition, the staff has helped
me so much with planning for graduate
school and beyond. I feel like they really
want me to succeed, and it’s a wonderful
feeling having Lycoming faculty support
you like that.
Corporate Communications
Campus jobs:
Development office;
What are your day-to-day responsibilities
for your jobs?
For my work study in the
Development Office, I do filing,
electronic filing, looking up obituaries,
mailings, event projects, etc. For
Phonathon, I call alumni to update their
personal records and ask if they would
like to make a donation to the Lycoming
Fund. It was a little nerve-racking in the
beginning—having to call people to ask
for money—but it becomes easier over
Community jobs:
American Red Cross
American Rescue Workers
The Center
Experience Works
Habitat for Humanity
James V. Brown Library
North Penn Legal Services
Office of Aging
St. Anthony’s Center
Salvation Army
Thomas T. Taber Museum
Walkway of Hope through Academic
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