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Barb was raised the daughter of a United Methodist minister. At one of the denomination’s conferences,
her parents were so impressed by a speaker – Walter McIver, director of the Lycoming College choirs
at that time – they brought her to central Pennsylvania to visit campus. Though she had resolved not to
attend a school her parents picked for her, the beauty of the College, the friendliness of the students and a
generous financial aid award quickly changed her mind.
While attending the graduation ceremony of his pastor’s daughter from Lycoming, David had his first
encounter with the Lycoming College Choir under the direction of McIver. He too, became impressed
with the school, and his attendance at a youth rally of the United Methodist Church held at the College
cemented his desire to enroll.
I had to convince my father that I could attend a private school,” said David. “He was quite certain that
Lycoming would not be affordable. Thanks to my financial aid, though, I was able to attend.”
So a love of music, ties to the ministry and financial assistance brought Barb from southern New Jersey
and David, with deep family roots in Tyrone, Pa., to the College.
Barb studied French, secondary education and music, and David studied music as a pre-ministerial
student. Eventually, the two met in a music appreciation course.
On occasion, I would stay after class to chat and David would wait for me and we’d walk to lunch
together,” remembered Barb. “I was not one to carry an umbrella, so on rainy days, he’d wait for me and
he always had his umbrella! Our friendship grew and my senior year we officially started dating!”
They married on June 10, 1978, after graduating from Lycoming and before David began studying at Drew Theological
David, who felt called to ministry from the time he was in sixth grade, has served Pennsylvania United Methodist Churches in
Lock Haven, Williamsport, Huntingdon, Mechanicsburg and currently at Wesley
UMC of Selinsgrove. He has been the accompanist of the Chi Rho singers (the
conference pastors’ choir) for 29 years, and has also served as conference
organist and as a clinician for the conference. David continues to use music as a
large part of his ministry.
Though she majored in French, Barb’s career path took a musical course. She
has directed many church choirs, led music workshops and served as an organist.
She also worked at a nursery school in Williamsport as a music teacher. Barb did
utilize her French degree, teaching in the Huntingdon (Pa.) Area School District
from 1996-2003. She is currently the music director at Wesley UMC.
ore than 10 years
ago, Barb (Seese) ’77
and David ’77 Dearing
joined the Lycoming College Tower
Society by making a bequest to
the College.
If it were not for the
wonderful financial aid packages
that we both received, we
would not have been able to
attend Lycoming,” the Dearings
commented. “We are proud of our
alma mater and we are still in
contact with many of our friends
as well as professors! We support
Lycoming because of the great
impact it had on our lives.”
To learn more about how your gift
can strengthen Lycoming, visit
or contact:
Lycoming College Office of Advancement
College Place
Williamsport, PA 17701
(570) 321-4347