Page 24 - 2012 Lycoming Summer Magazine

Olivia Coleman ’15, Marylynn Ryan ’15, Sifa
Blackmon ’14, Stephanie Sarkodie ’14, Alycia
Lucio ’14, and Ariel Gold ’14 pose outside of the
PAFA museum.
Dear Friends,
Last fall, we took four Lycoming College seniors to
Manhattan to job shadow with alumni who work in NYC
and participate in a Student and Alumni Meet and Greet.
Our goal was to offer practical experience in the fields the
students were interested in pursuing, while learning the
value of networking and building professional relationships.
The day was met with overwhelming success and it never
was more clear: Lycoming College alumni play a vital role in
helping our current students to become first-rate candidates
for today’s challenging job market.
By volunteering to mentor a student through a job
interview, reviewing a resume or providing an internship
experience, our alumni can help our students develop the
competitive edge they need in the workforce. Lycoming
alumni can also benefit from networking with other quality
professionals to enhance or redirect their career.
A Networking & Mentoring Program has developed
with the goal of pairing alumni with current students who
wish to gain from the benefit of their experience. The long
term goal of the project is to create new and exciting career
possibilities for both the mentor and the student. Upon
registering, mentors indicate their industry, characteristics
of those who would excel in their industry and the area(s)
of volunteer interest (including, but not limited to, speaking
with a student over the phone about his/her profession,
mentoring a student through a job interview process or
offering a job shadow experience). Mentors are encouraged
to attend Lycoming regional events in an effort to enhance
their professional network and connect with other mentors.
Jack Tarditi ’63 and Audrey (Hons) Sherrick ’76 co-
chair the Networking & Mentoring Program, a platform
that they believe has the potential to significantly enhance
professionally alumni and students alike. We ask you to
please join the growing number of alumni who are seriously
committed to helping Lycoming students succeed in every
or call 570.321.4134.
Amy S. Dowling ’04
Students benefit from alumni
vision in Philadelphia
A passion for community building and collaboration led to
a unique experience at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts
PAFA) for several Lycoming College students, faculty and staff.
Following the 2012 Black History Month Dinner, speaker V.
Chapman-Smith ’72 and her husband, Robert Smith ’73, returned
to their home in a historic Philadelphia neighborhood. Soon after,
they shared a vision for a student trip to Philadelphia that would
merge art, culture, history and friendship. They spoke with a
neighbor, David Brigham, president and CEO of PAFA, who eagerly
agreed to lead a tour of the Henry Ossawa Tanner Modern Spirit
Tanner was the first black student admitted to the PAFA in
He gained international acclaim with his multiple appearances
in the Paris Salon and
later with his leadership
of the Etaples Artist
Colony in Normandy.
Tanner is known for his
masterfully painted por-
traits, history paintings,
religious narratives and
genre paintings.
Following a tour of
the exhibit by Brigham
and Brian Spies ’01,
who was finishing his
M.F.A. at PAFA, there
was time to explore the
museum’s other works.
Later, we were wel-
comed into V. and Rob’s
home, where we shared
lively conversation and
stories about Lycoming
in the 1970s and today
around a robust fire.
After a most incredible
dinner, an impromptu
photo shoot and fond
farewells, we made our
way back to Lycoming,
never to forget all that
we’d learned about art,
history and the power
of community and col-
Farewell photo
Robert Smith ’73, V. Chapman-Smith ’72 and
David Brigham, CEO of Philadelphia Academy
of Fine Arts