Experience matters
By Jake Briggs ’14
Myles Biggs ’12 said Lycoming
College provided him with a broad-based
liberal arts education that prepared him
to tackle any given task. The corporate
communication major, who minored in
sociology and business, was hired right
out of college in the marketing department
of Ritz-Craft Corp.’s Northeast Division
in Mifflinburg, Pa. He coordinates the
communication between the company
and clients through tools such as email
marketing, newsletters and website content.
A privately held company, Ritz-Craft
Corp. is one of the largest family-owned
modular and manufactured home builders
in America. Lycoming’s connections within
the company run deep as Paul John ’85 is
president and CEO, and his brother, Eric John ’90, is co-
owner and vice president.
Biggs became interested in the company after hearing
Paul John give a presentation during the College’s James W.
Harding Executive Speaker Series, which allows students to
meet and network with top business leaders. He contacted
the corporation about possible internship opportunities.
Impressed by his determination, the company offered him
an internship.
Biggs participated in internships the summers after his
sophomore and junior years and again during his senior
year. He excelled during the internships and that ultimately
led to his full-time employment with Ritz-Craft.
“With most employers looking for two to five years’
experience before hiring, internships are an excellent way
to present yourself to employers as experienced in your
field,” said Biggs, who also gained valuable experience as a
student worker in Lycoming’s public relations office.
He said his experience has allowed him to create and
continue to manage all of the company’s social media
efforts, along with lending his skills to public relations
initiatives and event planning.
“I wear a lot of hats!” Biggs said. “But I love it, because
I am always learning something new.”
After interning in the marketing department at Ritz-Craft Corp. as an undergraduate, Myles
Biggs ’12 accepted a full-time position there.
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