he presented the secondary lecture,
“Best Practice,” during the National Art
Education Association’s convention in
Fort Worth, Texas.
Jeffery L. Bennett
(accounting) has
joined Lycoming College as controller
and chief financial officer-treasurer. He
previously worked for 17 years in the
Williamsport office of ParenteBeard
Bob Martin
(908) 326-3044
Angela (Dakshaw) Sweeney
(919) 779-4787
Carina McNear
(education) is a
columnist for the
Muncy Luminary
community newspaper. She is in her 14
year at Montgomery (Pa.) Area High
School, where she teaches broadcasting,
theatre, vocal workshop and music
technology. She also is co-director of
the extracurricular vocal and theatre
ensemble, Virtuoso.
Lauren Kolaya
(908) 755-5710 or
(908) 962-0816
Kirsten (Schwalm) Miller
(570) 888-6486
Brenda (Bowser) Soder
(301) 598-5526
Kelly Knight
(philosophy) was
named vice president of compliance
services at the Benecon Group of
Manheim Township, Pa.
Brian McNoldy
recently began a new position as senior
research associate at the University of
Miami. He conducts research on various
aspects of hurricanes.
In July, he was
invited to blog for
Washington Post
as a tropical weather
expert, and he also has
been interviewed by
National Public Radio,
New York Times
Sleevie Savers to the rescue
By Dana Borick Brigandi
Katie (Wuestner) Bell ’00 has created Sleevie Savers, a product designed to
keep messes off of young children’s sleeves.
Sleevie Savers are adjustable, lightweight sleeve covers that protect young
children’s sleeves from foods, stains, liquids, stretched sleeves and more by
slipping over the child’s arm and then attaching at the top with Velcro.
Bell credits her Lycoming College business and marketing degree for giving her
the fundamentals needed to create a real-world product. “When I think back on
my classes, one project
in particular comes to
mind,” she said.
“It was in a marketing
strategy class taught by
Dr. Mark Toncar. He
brought in FreePlay – a
real company with a
unique product concept
… Our class worked
in groups throughout
the semester to develop
marketing plans for its
radio product line.”
Bell said she
participated and
facilitated research
groups while she was
a student and used that
knowledge when she and
business partner, Lauren
Bryson, wanted to receive
feedback about Sleevie Savers.
“More than anything, the critical thinking skills I developed at Lycoming
helped me to work through this project,” she said. “Every situation or idea is
unique, and therefore requires a different approach and strategy. As a consultant
for entrepreneurs creating and launching products, I helped many of my clients
work on goals, identify resources and tailor marketing messages for their product
launches. These same methods were used to develop and launch Sleevie Savers.”
Bell said the inspiration for the product came out of frustration of rolling up
her 2-year-old daughter Annie’s sleeves for meals and craft time, only to have
the shirts become stretched or stained. Using their business, research and product
development backgrounds, Bell and Bryson did comprehensive searches to make
sure nothing else like Sleevie Savers was on the market. They also conducted
primary market research with other moms.
“Giving the go-ahead to start the first production order of Sleevie Savers
was a pretty big step, and probably the most difficult one,” Bell said. “You’re
trusting and committing to taking the product from concept to reality. There is
always doubt whether the design will be ‘right.’ Once we moved forward on the
decision to manufacture Sleevie Savers, we had to start putting all our business
and marketing plans into motion to get the product where we want it to be.”
Although the product has only been available for a few months, Bell said
her Lycoming family has helped share updates, stories and photos on the Sleevie
Savers Facebook page and website. Sleevie Savers are available at
and through two specialty shops in the Williamsport area.
“I enjoy being a ‘connector’ for people of like interests, and I am hopeful that
fellow alumni will be willing to share our story and product with others,” Bell
said. “Everyone knows families with young children who might benefit from
our product. We’re also open to suggestions, experiences and ideas that people
would like to share.”
Brian McNoldy ’98
Katie (Wuestner) Bell ’00 displays her new product, Sleevie
Savers, which protect young children’s sleeves from messes
caused by foods, stains and liquids.
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