Nancy (Sanders) Kurtyka
education), as executive director of
Insights Science Museum in El Paso,
Texas, recently held a fundraiser dinner
and star-gazing with guest Dr. Danny
Olivas, who was onboard the Atlantis
and Discovery space shuttles during his
career at NASA. She also is a managing
partner of Whitestone Technology,
a consulting firm. Prior to Insights
Museum, Nancy was regional director
of the American Heart Association for
Southern New Mexico.
Tom Eisenman
(567) 204-8889
Gary Colberg
(sociology) was
honored by the Georgia Alliance of
Community Hospitals as the 2011 CEO
of the Year. Gary is the president and
CEO of the Southeast Georgia Health
Brian Leonard
(703) 220-8121
Edward and Jane (Snyder) Bird
Marci Dwyer
administration) was named one of the
top fundraisers for 2012 by the National
Multiple Sclerosis Society.
John Piazza
(570) 321-1818
Roy Crowe
A true weekend Warrior
By Joe Guistina
As Jerry McGinn ’78 looked out the tunnel of the
Rose Bowl on New Year’s Day, he stood next to six
brothers-in-arms and thought back on all of the foot-
ball games he had worked that got him to that point.
A Big East football official, McGinn has been
running the middle of the field at football games as a
referee for nearly three decades, becoming regarded as
one of the finest collegiate officials in the nation. He
had worked big games before, including the Orange
Bowl, but this year he worked “The Granddaddy of
Them All,” the Rose Bowl.
“It was really an honor to represent the Big East at
such a prestigious event,” McGinn said. “Before the
game, we were just standing there, thinking about all
the little kids’ games we refereed, all the different clinics we worked. It was all
worth it. It was a pretty special environment.”
McGinn played defensive back for the Warriors and helped the team to three
winning seasons before going on to play semi-pro ball. He now has become a
hot commodity in collegiate football – typically leaving his job as the director
of business development at Vizant Technologies in Chadds Ford, Pa., on Friday
afternoon and heading all over the country to different college football games.
He is also such a respected referee that the big college conference shakeups have
even affected him, as he recently signed a contract to work with the Big 10 this
“My weekends are not really mine in the fall,” McGinn said. “It’s all busi-
ness. We are on a timeline. A lot of times, we have to be in town on Friday night
at 6 p.m. for a normal weekend. A lot of my games were Saturday night so I
didn’t have to be in until midnight. For those games, we have a meeting that
starts at nine and ends at noon. We review scouting reports on the teams and our
grades from the previous week. Then we have lunch and go back to relax. If we
have kickoff at 7, we have to be at the stadium by 4:30. I meet with coaches to
discuss time lines and unique play situations. About 60 minutes prior to kickoff,
that’s when we take control of the game.
“After the game, we have reports to complete. Depending on the time of the
game, we either head back home or wait until the next morning. Even for the
Saturday afternoon games, though, we don’t usually get out of the stadium until
10 p.m.”
And then of course, on Monday morning, he is back in the office at Vizant
Jerry McGinn ’78 represented Lycoming as the head official during
the 2013 Rose Bowl.
Jerry McGinn ’78
Nancy (Sanders) Kurtyka ’75 with former
astronaut Dr. Danny Olivas
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