Dear Friends,
You and the people you met at Lycoming
College have gone on to do spectacular
things with your lives.
You are wonderful citizens, experts in
your fields, leaders in your communities
and volunteers for worthy causes. We want
to recognize the achievements and positive
contributions of our alumni.
Please nominate your friends and peers –
even the people you don’t know all that well,
but who you know attended Lycoming and
have done something incredible – for our
annual alumni association awards.
It is a privilege for the College to give
accolades to its alumni who are responsible
for positive change in the world each and
every day. Your help in identifying worthy
nominees is a great way to support your alma
To learn more about McAllister, visit
P.S. – I hope to see you at
Alumni Weekend 2013!
Call me at 570-321-4134 to make a
nomination, or fill out the nomination form
on the alumni association webpage at
Amy S. Dowling ’04
Director of Alumni Relations
Pam McAllister ’73
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