“Our interest in endowing student scholarships is one way we can express the pride we feel.”
England in the early 1990s. In 2005,
Lycoming’s Alumni Association awarded
her the Dale V. Bower Service Award,
recognizing her outstanding service to the
Reflecting on her 24-year association
with the institution, Emily is quick to
point out that she has always benefitted
from that involvement. She has enjoyed
Lycoming’s intellectual vigor, its many
cultural events, as well as the day-to-day
rhythms of the campus. Most of all, she
has had great fun getting to know many
Lycoming students and watching them
mature as they prepare to become leaders
of tomorrow. “At the end of the day, I
gain energy from being associated with
the College and its mission. We are in the
business of educating our young people.
What could be better!”
Leadership by example
Understanding the importance of
higher education and the exceptional
outcomes taking place at Lycoming,
President James and Emily Douthat have
committed much more than their time
and talents to the College.
“The personal financial commitments
made to Lycoming College by Jim and
Emily Douthat speaks volumes about
their leadership and their belief in
Lycoming,” said Stan Sloter ’80, chair
of the board of trustees’ advancement
committee. “I am inspired by their far-
reaching dedication to Lycoming and the
students it serves. I hope alumni from all
eras are as proud as I am with the current
status of our alma mater. With everyone’s
financial support, we will no doubt help
to strengthen Lycoming’s position as a
national liberal arts institution.”
with their two young children, Mark
and Anna. “We could tell during the
interview process that Lycoming was a
special place, made special by both its
history and its people,” Emily said. “We
recognized that there were long-standing
foundations upon which to build. Our
work with Lycoming College has been
meaningful and significant. The College
has warranted our commitment. I am
grateful for our time here.”
Emily’s good work has reached far
beyond the confines of the Lycoming
campus. She has been deeply involved
in the Williamsport community, as a
member of various nonprofit boards and
has served on several school district
committees. The primary focus of
her volunteerism has, of course, been
the College. Her favorite activities
include hosting the annual reception
for new faculty in her home, attending
events such as the annual International
Students dinner, and the many wonderful
programs surrounding the Christmas
season. Among her fondest memories
are trips taken with the choir throughout
the U.S., Europe, South America and
the Caribbean. The Douthat family
accompanied the men’s soccer team to
Board Chair Emeritus Arthur
Haberberger ’59 ’11H and wife, Joanne, with
President and Emily Douthat.
President and Emily Douthat enjoy Lycoming’s
2012 homecoming parade.
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