Emily Douthat proudly serves the institution...with grace, elegance and commitment.
intelligence, drive, high standards and
lack of hubris.”
Another witness to Lycoming’s
success has been Linda Eremita,
managing director of M&T Education
Investment Banking & Financial
Advisory Services. She has worked
with hundreds of private colleges and
universities as they issued construction
bonds. Eremita once was an analyst for
Standard & Poor’s, concentrating in the
private nonprofit sector.
“Few college presidents are able to
comprehend higher education finance
as keenly as Dr. Douthat,” Eremita said.
“He has been able to apply his unique
working knowledge of the numbers to
create a campus that is beautiful, through
new and renovated buildings; efficient,
via staffing; and very sound, having the
discipline to know how to utilize debt as
a friend and not an enemy.”
Standard & Poor’s has recognized the
College’s efforts by awarding it an “A”
bond rating. Lycoming is now one of just
90 institutions nationwide on their list of
“A or higher” rating of public and private
colleges and universities.
“Testimony to Dr. Douthat’s very
successful management style is simply
found in the College’s ‘A’ rating, rarely
assigned to a small college,” Eremita
said. “In fact, the rating of Lycoming
actually exceeds the rating of many other
private institutions, including some …
such as Georgetown University.”
As traditional sources of revenues
decline, many serious challenges
now face all of higher education.
“As Lycoming prepares to educate
tomorrow’s leaders, it has become even
more evident that the College must rely
on its alumni and friends to support our
students needing financial support,”
Douthat says. “Lycoming has a long
history of educating students who are
the first in their families to go to college.
Every alum I met was either on aid as
a student or had a roommate on aid or
dated someone on aid. If each alum
can find a way to return that support
to current students, the Lycoming
experience will continue for those who
must have financial help to attend.”
“Alumni need to realize that they have
had a very special opportunity to develop
themselves through Lycoming College,”
Kneedler said. “It’s important for them
to spread the word about this special
place and to do everything in their power
– through volunteering, promoting and
donating – to keep it moving forward.
Lycoming’s present stability offers a
unique assurance that every investment
made today will be used well to build the
College’s future.”
Looking ahead
Despite being in a much better fiscal
situation than many schools during
this international financial downturn,
Lycoming cannot assume that past
practices will work as well in the rapidly
changing world of higher education.
Lycoming’s supporters for years
have responded to the growing need for
student financial assistance by supporting
the Lycoming Fund and creating more
endowed scholarships. Endowment
funds can also be established to sustain
a variety of needs or interests, such as
student scholarship fund, or to support
the academic program, athletics, the choir
or other needs of the College.
“I sometimes wonder whether
the successful implementation of Dr.
Douthat’s fiscal wisdom could have
been possible without the calm, simple
and selfless approach he brings to his
work,” said Eremita. “Both the campus
community of Lycoming College and
those of us who have had the pleasure to
work with him externally have witnessed
a wonderful story!”
Volunteerism at its best
Emily Douthat does not have an
official job description, but she is
undoubtedly one of Lycoming’s hardest
and most devoted workers. Whether
it’s helping to organize campus events,
greeting alumni and other dignitaries,
traveling on behalf of the College, or
attending music, theatre and athletic
events, she proudly serves the institution
as its chief public relations ambassador
with grace, elegance and commitment.
For two decades and with little fanfare,
she has exhibited volunteerism at its best.
Her affiliation with the College began
in 1989 when her husband became
Lycoming’s president. The Douthats
arrived on campus that summer, along
President and Emily Douthat with the Class of
2012 officers (from left) Juliann Anderson, Kari
Lenz, Denyse Walters and Angelika Maryniak at
the bicentennial plaque on the Academic Center.
The plaque was the class’ gift to the College.
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