Page 41 - 2012 Spring Lycoming Mag

In this climate, Williams found Lycoming to be a source of insight and support.
In addition to many stimulating and inspiring speakers who visited the College, he
also remembers Jack Buckle, former dean of students, playing a key role in guiding
the student body through controversy and conflict. His classmates and friends, Tom
Gallen’65 and Bob Edgar ’65, played a part, too. In fact, Williams credits Gallen with
encouraging him to attend Colgate-Rochester Crozer Divinity School, which counts
Martin Luther King among its distinguished alumni.
Through the years, Williams led several churches, but the most rewarding time
of his career was his assignment to the Ardmore (Pa.) United Methodist Church.
With attendance faltering, Williams, the new pastor, was seeking ways to rebuild the
congregation. His answer came by way of two of his parishioners: Elizabeth Boggs,
the church’s music director, who recently retired from the Philadelphia Orchestra, and
April Woodall, dean of the Academy of Vocal Arts in Philadelphia, an internationally
acclaimed school for talented young voices from all over the world.
The trio decided to recruit and pay some of the voice students to perform in the church’s music
program. As they hoped, attendance grew.
Williams, who retired last year, says as he reflects on his life he realizes that Lycoming was one of its
major influences.
When I thought about my will, I thought about the
three most positive influences on my life—my schools,
the church and my family,” Williams said. “I decided
each would receive a third of any estate I would leave. It
pleases me that they will nurture others as they did me.”
Lycoming is grateful that Williams has made these
plans to help ensure that the College does just that for
generations to come.
s a high school student,
Don Williams ’65 knew he
wanted to go into the
ministry, and it was with that
purpose in mind he chose
Lycoming College. In the midst
of the civil rights movement
and the Vietnam War, times
were tumultuous for the nation
and the young pre-ministerial
student away from home for the
first time.
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