Page 20 - 2012 Spring Lycoming Mag

onica Martinez ’13 is the third eldest of six children
in her family, which is rooted in Lubbock, Texas. One
of her siblings attends Texas Tech, another goes to
Baylor and a third studies at West Texas A&M. Her
mother, Kristen, was a coed at the University of
Texas, and her father, Rudy, graduated from the University of Texas at
El Paso.
What would make Martinez decide to buck the family trend of
attending a large university in the Lone Star State and instead, venture
to Lycoming College—student-body of 1,400—nestled near the banks
of the Susquehanna River in northeast Pennsylvania?
I have always been interested in archaeology,” Martinez said. “I
started looking for archaeology programs early in high school. I had
pretty much decided to attend Lycoming my junior year after I began
getting material from the College. I did a lot of research about the
school and really liked what I saw.”
That research helped her discover Lycoming’s archaeology field
site in Idalion, Cyprus, where students have the opportunity to gain
valuable hands-on experience. This summer will mark Martinez’s
third journey to the island to study under the direction of Dr. Pamela
Gaber, professor of archaeology and Judaic studies and director of the
field site. As she did last year, Martinez plans to serve as a member
of the dig staff, which will allow her to manage her own trench while
teaching other students.
I love digging,” said Martinez. “It’s very meticulous work. But, I
can’t imagine doing anything else. I just knew from the very first dig
I went on that I was doing the right thing. Having that confirmation
meant so much to me and my parents as well.”