Page 19 - 2012 Spring Lycoming Mag

hat are college students
listening to these days? We
are always asked questions
like this from our parents,
aunts and uncles, and others. I decided to
come up with an answer for this question
by surveying Lycoming’s students about
their entertainment interests, including
music, movies, television and books.
Twenty years ago, around the time
most Lycoming students were born, the
Billboard Top 100 charts were riddled
with songs by Mariah Carey, Wilson
Phillips, Paula Abdul and Boyz II Men.
Movies such as “Titanic” (interestingly
enough still very popular, according to the
survey results), “Home Alone,” “Pretty
Woman” and “Edward Scissorhands” were
all the rage. Popular TV shows included
Roseanne,” “The Cosby Show” and “The
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.”
I started off collecting this data as a
way to find trends among the classes. I
wanted to see if there was a big divide in
entertainment preferences between fresh-
man and seniors, or whether we all seem
to have similar entertainment favorites.
The biggest conclusion I have come to
from administering this survey is that
Lycoming students are very eclectic; trends
were difficult to establish. Basically,
everyone has their own style. Some an-
swers were the same, however, for almost
every student. For example, students are
listening to music every single day. They
struggle, however, to find time to read for
pleasure and often only leisure read during
the summer or over breaks.
The most obvious difference was
between males and females. But about
three times as many female students
responded to the survey than males,
so this was good cause for distinction.
Female freshmen overwhelming love
country music, Taylor Swift, Nicholas
Sparks books and movies, and Channing
Tatum. Sophomore females like rock,
alternative and indie music, Katy Perry,
horror movies, reality TV shows and the
Harry Potter series. Upperclass females
were a little less in agreement. Junior
females do agree, however, on “How I
Met Your Mother” and comedy movies.
Senior females like country and rock
music, Maroon 5, Leonardo DiCaprio,
NCIS” and “Friends.” And across the
class divide, female Lycoming students
love romantic comedies and teen fiction
Male students are much harder to
divide by class. In general, male students
prefer rock music, sports television, Matt
Damon and action movies. Although they
vary a lot regarding the specifics, males
seem to enjoy similar genres of entertain-
ment outlets. Males who took the survey
also read less than females.
The survey shows we all like differ-
ent things, and the point should not be to
pigeonhole classes or gender into certain
entertainment preferences. Even when
certain people shared interests regarding
a TV show, their music or book tastes
were on opposite ends of the spectrum.
And from every class and both genders,
Lycoming students seem to have a big
thing for Liam Neeson and Harry Potter.
However, it will be fun to look back on
this in another 20 years and see what we,
as a generation, were generally into.
Taylor Swift, Maroon 5,
Katy Perry, Lady Antebellum,
Goo Goo Dolls
Country, Rock, Pop
Dave Matthews Band, Drake,
Blink-182, Red Hot Chili Peppers,
Led Zeppelin
Classic Rock, Alternative, Metal
Titanic, The Notebook, How
to Lose a Guy in 10 Days,
Anchorman, The Hangover
Channing Tatum, Rachel
McAdams, Taylor Lautner,
Leonardo Dicaprio, Adam Sandler
Bourne Identity, Dazed and
Confused, Rush Hour, Inception,
Happy Gilmore
Matt Damon, Liam Neeson,
Robert Downey Jr., Adam
Sandler, Daniel Day-Lewis
NCIS, Teen Mom, Grey’s
Anatomy, Pretty Little Liars,
How I Met Your Mother
Sports Television
ESPN, Sporting Events, etc.),
Family Guy, The Walking
Dead, Sons of Anarchy,
Storage Wars
Harry Potter series,
Nicholas Sparks books,
The Hunger Games
Harry Potter series, Eragon,
Classic novels