Page 18 - 2012 Spring Lycoming Mag

Dr. John F. Piper Jr.
Dean and professor of
history emeritus
Collecting coins
and stamps
I am both a coin [United
States] and a stamp [United
States and The Netherlands]
collector. My father’s father
got me started and gave me his coin collection before he died. I
continue to collect coins but my passion is in the stamps.” 
Dr. Todd Preston
Associate professor of
Home brewing and
playing bass guitar
I love beer! More
specifically, I love good
beer, especially the dark
stuff: stouts and porters. The
explosion of American microbrews in the early ’90s spurred
a related boost in home brewing, such as the availability of
equipment, ingredients and recipes, and I’ve been surfing that
wave ever since. As for bass guitar, when I was in junior high
I loved music but was not into the structure of band/orchestra.
More to the point, not being the most athletic kid around, I
thought it would be a great way to meet girls! I played in garage
bands all through high school and college, and still play the
occasional party or bar even now.”
Wilma Reeder
Serials Manager and
Government Document
Shooting 8-ball
pool and collecting rhinoceros
I shoot pool on the
Williamsport Women’s Pool
League. I started in junior
high school on a friend’s table. Later, I begin to shoot for fun
on nights out with the girls. I have now shot on various leagues
in Williamsport for more than 25 years and really enjoy the
competition and camaraderie. I also have collected rhinoceros
for more than 25 years. It started as a joke with a friend and
then became a treasure hunt. Rhinoceros are not easy to find. I
have more than 200 pieces. My friends and family have helped
tremendously in this collection.”
Dani Ribitsch
Part-time instructor of
Collecting Porsche
model cars and Walt Disney
paperback books
My fascination with
the car began in 1998 when
my dad gave me my first
model car on Christmas Eve. I now have 136 cars. I really
love the sound of the engine, the car’s design, its elegance and
its high quality. Whenever I see a Porsche out in the streets, I
just have to look and my heart beats faster. I also collect ‘Walt
Disney’s Lustiges Taschenbuch.’ ‘Lustig’ means ‘funny’ and
Taschenbuch’ means ‘paperback.’ They come out monthly and
consist of stories about Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Minnie
Mouse and Goofy. These books are very popular in German-
speaking countries. I have a subscription and get a new one each
month. I have about 500, and of course the collection grows each
month. Now that I live in the U.S., I can only read these books
when I go back to Austria, my home country.”
Anne Landon
Assistant director of
Institute for Management
Dr. Amy Rogers ’92
Professor of education
Horseback riding
Landon says, “We love to
trail ride together through the
countryside on Amy’s family farm.”
Rogers says, “I have had a pony since I was 3 and have been
riding ever since. It is my escape from my busy life as a
professor, mom, wife and chauffer to my children. I grew up on
a dairy farm and as long as I helped with the chores and milking,
my dad allowed me to have a pony and later, horses. Today,
my siblings and I own the farm we grew up on and I have three
horses there.” 
Marilyn Smith
Printing services assistant
Figure skating
instructor and youth ice
hockey instructor
I’ve been skating since
the age of 9, but it wasn’t until
age 22 that I found out about
a figure skating club in the
area. At 35, I started a youth ice hockey development program
at the ice skating rink in Sunbury. I’ve been a member of the
Susquehanna Valley Figure Skating Club for 33 years and an ice
hockey instructor and coach for 19 years!”
Casey Spencer ’05
College Relations Specialist
Singing with the
group, Black Tie Affair
Black Tie Affair is
an eight-voice, all-male a
cappella group that sings
a variety of music, from
contemporary to barbershop.
Most of our members are Lycoming alumni—Chris Knipe ’07,
T.J. McCabe ’06, James Rogers ’04 and Peter Ruhl ’06. We
became friends through the Lycoming College Choir and started
to sing together in summer 2005. Recently, we also picked
up a current student, Andrew Paulhamus ’13. We’ve received
wonderful support from the College and the Williamsport
Dr. Amy Rogers ’92 and Anne Landon