Page 17 - 2012 Spring Lycoming Mag

of Chris Kulp, physics professor. The scrapbooking group,
sponsored by Women of Lycoming, includes Broussard, Macy,
Kulp and Jan Heffner, wife of Dave Heffner, associate dean and
chief information officer. “I have been scrapbooking since 2003
when I was introduced to the craft through my work as a craft
packaging editor in the Chicago area. I took up knitting/crochet
about four years ago for something to do during the winter
holidays. I learned to knit by watching YouTube videos, which
are still very useful when I come across new abbreviations or
Regina Collins
Assistant dean of freshmen
I have been competing
since 1984 at anything from
a 5K to marathons. My
husband is a runner and got
me hooked. It’s a great stress
reliever and something we can
do anywhere and anytime. It also keeps us in good health and in
shape for other activities, including our children’s and now, our
grandchildren’s activities.” 
Dr. Santhusht Desilva
Assistant professor of
mathematical sciences
Music, photography
and cooking
I play the piano, guitar
and organ, and I also like to
take a tune and harmonize it
in a music editor. My wife and
I have an enormous collection of CDs, around 500. We also like
I also like to cook, and we often entertain friends
at home. We tend to fix simple recipes, but they’re probably
unusual because they’re a fusion of American and international
Dr. Pam Gaber
Professor of archaeology
and Judaic studies
Knitting and various
needlework, especially
cross-stitch and Hardanger
I’ve been doing these
since I was in grad school at
Harvard in the ’70s.”
Bea Gamble
Student information
Making silk floral
A very close friend
was getting married and
couldn’t afford flowers. So
we pooled our small amount
of money and
bought some silk flowers. I was able to do the
whole wedding party and family flowers for a fraction of what
live flowers costs. So it just stuck with me that I could make
someone’s special day extra special with a personal touch...
while saving them some money.”
Jeremiah Johnson
Printmaking Instructor
Collecting unusual
things that may be used to
make art
I collect Red Rose
brand tea bag tags, fortune
cookie fortunes, pencil
stubs, unopened credit card
applications and burnt match sticks. I always believed in
fortunes since I was a little kid, but if you don’t save them
then they don’t come true. The credit card applications started
back in grad school; I would get nearly 25 of them a month.
The tea bag tags started when I began drinking the tea, also
back in grad school. I thought that since they had a rose
printed on each one, I could collect a dozen and give them
to my girlfriend; we broke up long ago, so I never stopped
Dr. Christopher Kulp
Assistant professor of
astronomy and physics
Playing the
harmonica and guitar
I mostly play blues
harmonica and blues and
rock guitar. Most of my
interests lie in science and
technology but I wanted to try something new and different.
I have always enjoyed blues and rock music, so I thought I
would start with learning how to play blues since it inspired a
lot of rock. I started with the harmonica and I am mostly self-
taught. I wanted to understand music a little better, so I started
reading about music theory. Last April, I decided to try another
instrument on which I could explore some of the music theory I
was learning. I chose the guitar because I thought it would
be fun.”
Dr. Beth Moorhouse
Assistant Professor of
Working out and
I love to work out and
exercise, especially in a
group setting where I am
in charge. I teach fitness
and aerobics classes at Lycoming and in the summers at the
Williamsport YMCA. It is great fun and instills discipline—
you can’t blow off a workout when you know other people are
counting on you to show up!”