Page 9 - 2012 Spring Lycoming Mag

hat could be better than to spend
one’s days talking with students about
stories written by great Spanish and
Latin American authors such as Rosa
Montero, Marco Denevi or Miguel Delibes? Or
analyzing particular cultural manifestations such as
murals by Diego Rivera, the Mothers of the Plaza de
Mayo, or a classic Spanish film such as
Mister Marshall!
We’ve addressed all these authors
and topics in my classes this semester.
Teaching Spanish gives me the opportunity to think
about and discuss literature, culture, current events,
history, politics and art, and I learn something new from
and with my students every day. It is very fulfilling to
be at a school where I see students, who I often meet as
nervous freshman in Spanish 221, grow and learn over the
course of four years at the College.
One of the most obvious changes is when students
return from a study abroad program—not only are
their language skills greatly improved, of
course, but the students themselves have also
acquired a new confidence and maturity.
It is humbling to think about the
impact that four years of intensive study
at Lycoming can have on a student’s
Sandra Kingery
Professor of Spanish