2018 Spring LC Magazine

In the fall of 2016, we set a course to make this institution even more extraordinary with the Campaign for a Greater Lycoming. One of the priorities of that campaign, Fuel a New Generation of Warriors, proposes a modern approach to financial aid that removes barriers for high-need and middle-class families by growing the College’s financial aid budget. We want to ensure that a Lycoming education remains within reach for all deserving young scholars, no matter their capacity to pay. During the course of the campaign, we have been able to secure grants and other outside funding to support this goal. The Stabler Foundation alone has provided more than $3.75 million, earmarked for scholarships for especially high-need, high-promise students. Michael Alan Dressler Jr. ’19, a recipient of the Donald B. and Dorothy L. Stabler Endowed Scholarship, is now able to follow his dream of working for the federal government and one day running for public office. “The great deal of support I receive from the Stabler Foundation will go a long way in relieving the tremendous burden that tuition has put on my family. This aid is so immensely important to me for the simple fact that it will allow me to continue doing the work I love so much,” said Dressler. A recent grant from the John E. Morgan Foundation in the amount of $500,000 has enabled the College to further expand financial aid to benefit a number of entrepreneurship students from Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania. Additionally, alumnus Chris Christie ’65, through his estate, has invested in the future with a new endowed scholarship. With this bolstering of our financial aid offerings, we are able to be more selective with admissions, thus attracting even more talented students to our campus. By working together, we are creating scholarships that bring to Lycoming the most talented students who best fit the mission of the College, regardless of their financial need. WILLIAMSPORT campaign . lycoming . edu DRAWING TALENT TO Michael Alan Dressler Jr. ’19 For more information about how you can help remove financial barriers for promising young scholars, please contact Robb Dietrich at 570-321-4401, dietrich@lycoming.edu . By Chip Edmonds 9 www.lycoming.edu