2018 Spring LC Magazine

LYCOMING COLLEGE TAKES ON THE ADIRONDACK CANOE CLASSIC A team of Lycoming students took part in the 35 th annual Adirondack Canoe Classic in October 2017 as they competed against seasoned racers from around the world. Under the supervision of Jae Ellison, director of Outdoor Leadership and Education (OLE), and with backing from trustee Dale Krapf ’67, the team paddled in the Voyageur Canoe division in a 28-foot boat specially designed for racing. They raced across open lakes and rivers, including portages requiring them to carry the canoe and supplies over the land between lakes for a total of five and a half miles, clocking in at 17 hours and 39 minutes to complete the competition. The boat itself presented challenges for the team, some of whom had no experience in a paddle boat of any kind until training began. “In a boat this size, the learning curve is steep, but the team gained the skills needed to work together while exploring and enjoying the Adirondacks,” said Ellison. “Experiences like this will help to enrich OLE and encourage an outdoor community on campus. As director of one of the newer programs at Lycoming, I want to establish traditions, and this experience so strongly promotes bonding that I plan to integrate more canoe racing into the OLE roster.” PROFESSOR PUBLISHES BOOK ON ANCIENT ISRAEL AND JUDAH William Dever, Ph.D., distinguished professor of Near Eastern archaeology at Lycoming College, published his most recent book “Beyond the Texts: An Archaeological Portrait of Ancient Israel and Judah,” on Nov. 3, 2017. Dever’s book provides historical information on ancient Israel and Judah during the eighth and ninth centuries B.C., rendered from archaeological remains as a primary source. His text draws from current archeological data interpreted from a secular standpoint, supplemented with biblical material only when it coincides with the archaeological records. The book offers a fresh, if somewhat controversial, perspective on the history of ancient Israel and Judah to all interested scholars. (L to R) Jae Ellison, director of OLE, Lycoming College; Lycoming students Bryan Darling ’18, Dan Lundy ’19, Michael Panczyszyn ’19, Wyatt Entz ’19, Avery Baker ’18; and Dan Miller, dean of students, Lycoming College Experiences like this will help to enrich OLE and encourage an outdoor community on campus. 8 LYCOMING COLLEGE 2018 SPRING MAGAZINE