2018 Spring LC Magazine

MARRIAGES Lexie (Miller) ’16 and Matthew Schlegel, July 8, 2017, in New Cumberland, Pa. (L to R back row) Shanna Wheeler (professor), Lauren DelGaizo ’16, Jordyn Hotchkiss ’16, Matthew Schlegel, Brooke Spicer ’18, Chris Morgan ’18, Bridget Carmeci ’15. (L to R front row) Erin Szogi ’16 (bridesmaid), Kaitlin Wallick ’15, Lexie (Miller) Schlegel ’16, Patrick Intallura ’18, Andrea Burleigh ’15 (bridesmaid). Jennifer (Cella) ’93 and Robert Johns Jr., Aug. 19, 2017 at Commonwealth Brewing Company in Virginia Beach, Va., by Pastor James C. Little Jr. Surrounded by a small group of family and friends, the couple enjoyed BBQ and brews to celebrate their nuptials! Abby McKenna and Joseph Feerrar ’02 , June 2017. Gathering to celebrate: Timothy Schmidt ’04, Jeffrey Feerrar ’05, Gwenn (Ackerman) Miller ’02, Andy Miller ’04, Joseph Feerrar ’02, Abby McKenna, Alicia (Hahn) Murphy ’05, Sean Murphy ’06, Gretchen (Brown) Berryman ’06, Brian Connors ’04. Melissa (Britcher) ’03 and Christian Shaffmaster ’05 , July 16, 2016. (L to R back row) Dale Marques ’06, Brett Keys ’06, Ryan Foley ’05, Eric Hackenburg ’07, Michael Ruddy ’05, Laura (Naffey) Ashley ’07, Austin Ashley ’07, Robert Cusson ’05. (L to R middle row) Shawn Warman ’06, Roy Mosteller ’05, Wesley Speary ’05, Megan (Miriello) Bonchack ’07, Erin (Bierly) Berfield ’06, Rodman Berfield ’05. (L to R front row) Melissa (Wright) Webb ’06, Brad Webb ’05, Morgan Barr ’03, David Morgan ’05, Christian Shaffmaster ’05, Melissa (Britcher) Shaffmaster ’03, Nicole (Winkler) Langan ’03, Caroline Iglio ’04 and Jaclyn (Kovaschetz) Speirs ’03. Anh (Le) ’08 and Edward Lyons III, July 9, 2016, in Savannah, Ga. Alumni in the wedding party were Jessica Chance ’08, April Mandell ’09 and Joseph Falchek ’09. Jennifer (Zimmerman) ’09 and Louis Mercantino III, May 20, 2017, at Muncy Baptist Church, Muncy, Pa. Melody (Johnson) ’11 and Derek Bradley, April 08, 2017, at Sea Palms Resort on Saint Simons Island, Ga. Among their loved ones were Lycoming graduates Meredith (Brooks) Bause ’11, Alex Bause ’11, Caroline (LeHota) Dempsey ’10, Meg Emery ’11, Stacy Flick ’11, Michelle Pastrano ’11, Katie Williamson ’11 and Jackie Weder ’86. Victoria (Rainey) ’11 and Jarrin Campman ’13 , Oct. 14, 2017, at the Bush House Estate in Muncy, Pa. Vickey’s father, Howard Rainey ’87, and Jarrin were both wide receivers for the Lycoming College football team. Jarrin is now the director of recreation at Bucknell University. Vickey is a high school counselor at Loyalsock Township School District. The couple lives in Jersey Shore, Pa. Julia (Was) ’12 and Joe Bell ’12 , April 7, 2017, in a small private ceremony in Penndel, Pa. They spent their honeymoon traveling through Scotland. Pictured are Julia and Joe in the Cairngorm Mountains, Eastern Highlands, Scotland, with a reindeer. Megan (Sullivan) ’14 and Daniel Pichler ’14 , April 8, 2017, in Lafayette Hill, Pa. Members of the wedding party included Lycoming College alumni Stephanie Figueroa ’14, Timothy Kocher ’14 and Jordan Dubinsky ’14. 44 LYCOMING COLLEGE 2018 SPRING MAGAZINE