2018 Spring LC Magazine

L Y C O M I N G S Y M B O L S MEMORIAL HALL Dedicated in 1947, 100 years after the founding of Williamsport Dickinson Seminary, Memorial Hall’s short-lived span on campus lasted until 1968. The hall was originally a war surplus building and later used by the government as office space. The College acquired the frame building and moved it from White Deer. Found adjacent to the Chapel, Memorial doubled the classroom space at the growing institution. It was dedicated to 25 alumni who passed in the world wars and more than 400 World War II service men and women. THE “OLD” SCIENCE BUILDING Once the bottling facility for Flock’s Brewing Company, this building was converted into a science center in 1956-57. It was used until 1990 and housed biology and chemistry laboratories, classrooms, a lecture hall and a greenhouse. Flock’s brewery moved in as the Seminary’s neighbor in 1854. For many years, numerous jokes had been recited concerning Seminary students operating a pipeline from the vats to Bradley Hall a few feet away. 35 www.lycoming.edu