2018 Spring LC Magazine

“When I struggle, I can go see my professor,” he said. “They take their time to help me out. I still struggle in English, but I do my best. We have a writing center that I use a lot when I write papers and they help correct my errors.” Tueno has been one of Lycoming’s best players from the time he first laced his cleats to step onto the Shangraw Athletic Complex turf. He scored big goals — two game winners in the 2015 MAC Commonwealth Championship. “College was a new experience,” he said. “We had so many people that could step up. My freshmen year, I just wanted to play my part and defend. When it came to big games, though, and I saw our best players getting locked down, I tried to take advantage of an opportunity.” During his sophomore year, Tueno was still a dangerous player, earning all- conference honors for the second time, but a broken toe hindered him throughout the year. At the end of the season, Gibboney challenged Tueno, letting him know there was potential he hadn’t tapped. “It did give me motivation,” Tueno said. “He told me that I had to be at the top of my game. I took that and put it in my pocket and worked hard over the summer.” His progression made him the man other teams needed to key on to stop. If you tried to stay away from him on defense, he’d go get the ball anyway. If you tried to triple-team him on set pieces, he’d jump over everyone and win the ball. You could jump on him, pull his uniform, tug his shorts — it couldn’t stop him. His natural grit, precision-like passing and ability to cut around defenders while pushing forward made Tueno the most feared player on a team that went 19-3 overall, was ranked as high as third in the country, and featured a record six all-conference and four all-region selections. “Most of the goals that I scored were all on set pieces,” Tueno said. “My teammates know where I am going to run and they just found me at that spot. I had a lot of communication with my teammates during practice. If someone is double-teamed on the first post, they could look for me on the second.” With one year still remaining in his career, Tueno will have one more chance to answer Abdi’s question, and there’s little doubt: the Big Man is up to the challenge. the BIG MAN Sainclair might be the best player in the country right now. By Joe Guistina 33 www.lycoming.edu