2018 Spring LC Magazine

JONAH’S CAMPUS TOUR Am I a little embarrassed to admit that sometimes when I’m bored, I re-watch the “Jonah’s Not-So-Official Tour” video? Maybe. Honestly, those videos were so much fun to make. One of the best things about Lycoming is the diversity of each class. As a student, on any given day you may be eating lunch with friends from Trinidad, Vietnam, Queens, Oregon, etc. These videos help show the world who we are as a college, especially to prospective students who can’t just hop in a car and check out our campus in person. Me prancing across the quad yelling “I REALLY LIKE IT HERE!” was my way of showing that at Lycoming, you can be yourself, you can have fun and you can embrace an environment where your sole job is to learn as much as you can. In hindsight, I’m so grateful for my experience in helping make those videos. It’s another example of non-traditional learning at Lycoming; I used what I learned in creative writing workshops to develop (and improvise) a script that helped market my school. I then used my experience in helping to create those videos to land professional jobs in banking and healthcare. How cool is that? Give me a call when you’re ready to do the “Jonah’s Not-So-Official Alumni Advice for Future Students” video! ◆ Jonah Milliken ’14 Jonah’s Not-So-Official Tour L Y C O M I N G ’ S R I C H I C O N S F R O M T H E P A S T 26 LYCOMING COLLEGE 2018 SPRING MAGAZINE