2018 Spring LC Magazine

MULBERRY STREET We can assure you, any of us alumni who were blessed to live in the old row of houses on Mulberry Street have some of our best and favorite college memories from there. When you found out you got to live in one of those, it was like winning a million dollar lottery — FREEDOM! It allowed us to feel like we were responsible and ready to enter adulthood, when the reality was we were still living on our parents’ dime and in on-campus housing. It was a sad day when we found out the old houses were being torn down. Spoiler alert, if you haven’t been on campus lately — they’re gone! However, the memory lives on for us, thanks to one of our fathers who made replicas of our house sign 603. The five of us have all moved, grown and even produced five new Lycoming legacies! Our signs allow us to never forget and to always be thankful for Lycoming, Mulberry Street and the good old ’Port. ◆ Jamie (Hershey) Arnold ’06, Jennifer (Moran) Decker ’06 Lacey (Pietropaolo) Gulick ’06, Jennifer Holdren ’06 Jamie (Henline) Kramm ’06 (L to R) Lacey (Pietropaolo) Gulick, Jamie (Hershey) Arnold, Jamie (Henline) Kramm, Jennifer (Moran) Decker and Jennifer Holdren L Y C O M I N G S Y M B O L S THE BOOT 21 www.lycoming.edu