2018 Spring LC Magazine

BRADLEY HALL Bradley Hall was a solid 19th century Romanesque building — four stories, with an extensive warren of rooms in its basement. The first floor had two or three large classrooms, and the second floor housed the faculty of the business and religion departments. The third floor was the living quarters for the Epsilon Beta Chapter of Theta Chi Fraternity. The attic provided space for storage and ritual activities of the fraternity. The basement rooms provided a lounge for the fraternity and a chapter room for weekly meetings and social events. Also in the basement was the studio of WBEL, a campus radio station, and a large stage area called The Dragon Room due to a very large mural of a dragon on the back wall of the stage. Several things made the building unique. One was the close relationship of the faculty on the second floor and the fraternity brothers, who encountered each other frequently. As was characteristic of the time, faculty-student relationships were informal and warm. Another was the living quarters. As the building was quite old, there were few, if any, restrictions on what one could do as far as “renovations” or decorating. One example of this, near and dear to me, was that I had wondered aloud what it would be like to have a Dutch door on my room. One day, after attending classes from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., I returned to the “house” and the pledges had created a wonderful Dutch door! I wonder what the guy who had that room after I graduated thought about it. ◆ Geoffrey Wood ’62 L Y C O M I N G ’ S R I C H I C O N S F R O M T H E P A S T 20 LYCOMING COLLEGE 2018 SPRING MAGAZINE