2018 Spring LC Magazine

FOSSILS ecently discovered fossil sites that contain remnants of one of the oldest ancestors of all land vertebrates is giving David Broussard, Ph.D., assistant professor of biology, and his students a glimpse at life in North-Central Pennsylvania some 362 million years ago. Broussard recently discovered sites densely packed with mostly extinct fish fossils in roadcut outcrops in northern Lycoming County. At one of these sites, he and his students discovered a fossilized leg bone that once belonged to a species of an early tetrapod, a four- limbed animal. The isolated femur dates back to the Late Devonian Period — approximately 362 million years ago — when vertebrate animals were making the transition from fish-like to more land-living types of vertebrates. Continue reading as Broussard shares more about his fossil findings. F A C U L T Y R E S E A R C H S P O T L I G H T : DAV I D B RO U S S A R D , P H . D . 14 LYCOMING COLLEGE 2018 SPRING MAGAZINE