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For Susan (Fracaroli) Petniunas ’77, the qualities that made her fall in love with Lycoming as a high school senior are

the same qualities that keep her close to Lycoming today. “Even years later, I find it easy to reacquaint myself with the

College because of its small size,” she said. Susan and her husband, Raymond, recently decided to include Lycoming

College in their estate plan.

“The atmosphere on campus set the stage for my future life as a lobbyist. The camaraderie, the athletics and my

internship in Washington, D.C, all played a role.”

Through Susan’s own industriousness, as well as a sequence of unique events at Manville Corporation (now

Johns Manville), she leveraged her government experiences and business-focused education to learn the public

policy process. “I was exposed early on to senior executives at Manville, Capitol Hill and in the administrations in

power, eventually paving the way for establishing my own public policy company in Washington, D.C., Public Affairs

Resources, Incorporated.”

Susan acknowledges that her successes were aided by Lycoming’s strong

programmatic focus on public policy and entrepreneurship, so she worked with

the College to ensure that future students will benefit from these qualities

by putting the focus in writing and allowing their endowment to serve as a

format for future programs.

“It excites me that the College is on solid financial footing. Lycoming

has the flexibility to look at new, more relevant professions, instead of

remaining stagnant in its approach to higher education,” said Susan.

Raymond added, “I’m encouraged by President Kent Trachte’s effective

leadership and the team he has put in place. Without these, we may not

have made the decision we did.”

Susan and Raymond’s advice to other alumni: Start

thinking about your legacy now. You can be more

thoughtful about your arrangements, and others won’t

have to make decisions for you.

“Lycoming allowed us flexibility in

crafting our estate plan. The College

was very gracious with their time in

helping us tailor our gift,” said

Raymond. “We have worked

with other institutions that

were more bureaucratic,

but not quite as personal,

and this made the

difference for us.”

To learn more about

including Lycoming

College in your estate

planning, please

contact the Office of

College Advancement

at 570.321.4036

or lycomingfund@

. Ask

for your copy of


“Tower Society

Guide to Charitable


Early Preparation and Flexibility Lead to Estate Planning Success