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Patrick Marty

Executive Director,

Communications and

External Relations

from the


As a young journalist, I worked in the sports

department of a big-city paper. The sports editor was an

ink-stained wretch straight out of central casting, down

to his shabby trench coat. The kind of guy who refers to

the Breeder’s Cup as “Our National Championship.”

That same editor also once offered me this nugget:

“Sports comes down to two simple things. It’s about

people doing amazing thing with their bodies, and

stupid things with their money.”

It’s easy to be similarly cynical about sports today:

athletes manipulate their bodies pharmacologically,

and professional franchises are valued higher than

the GDP of a small country, while major athletic

conferences serve as their

de facto

minor leagues.

But at places like Lycoming College, athletics still serve their highest-and-best use:

Mens sana in corpore sano

. Shared glory in victory and shared sacrifice in defeat. Teaching

teamwork. Teaching leadership.

Our student-athletes are exactly that — and in that respective order. They enter our gates

with the drive to succeed at both, and they hone that discipline during their time here. This

same discipline not only translates to Lycoming’s classrooms, where our student-athletes

retain at the same or higher rates than their peers, but it is also foundational for their success

as leaders across a spectrum of professions and vocations: physicians and accountants;

soldiers and teachers; artists, executives and legislators.

In this issue,

LC Magazine

celebrates one of the College’s greatest teachers in the field of

leadership, Coach Frank Girardi. His selection to the College Football Hall of Fame caps off

a remarkable year of success for Lycoming on the pitch, the hardwood and the mats. We also

honor the leadership of one of Coach Girardi’s good friends, and a true “team captain” both

at the College and in the community, Bob Shangraw.

Meanwhile, our own team at the magazine has a new point guard, and we welcome Marla

Kramer, who is already running the floor on this summer issue. Let’s go, Warriors!

Mens sana in

corpore sano.

Shared glory

in victory and

shared sacrifice in

defeat. Teaching

teamwork. Teaching


In our Summer

2015 issue, the

article titled “Take

Back the Night

Event Increases

Rape Awareness”

indicated that

the event was

“the first ever” on

campus. To clarify,

the event was the

first organized

by the student-

led organization

“Revolution Against

Rape.” The College

has a long tradition

of raising awareness

about sexual and

domestic violence

through Take Back

the Night marches

and other events

organized by

various faculty,

staff and student