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he last Friday of the fall semester brings a Lycoming tradition that eases the stress

of upcoming project deadlines and final exams. For more than a decade, Snowden

’til 2 has marked the kick-off of finals week in a bustling, yet informal environment that

combines study, fun and relaxation for students who are eager to finish the semester on

a high note.

Starting at 9 p.m., professors host study groups that allow students to review and

prepare for their final exams as a class. Tutors from the Academic Resource Center and

the Writing Center help perk up papers, and math tutors assist in clearing up murky


“Snowden ’til 2 is one of the highlights of the fall semester because I get to work with

my students in a laid-back atmosphere and provide one-on-one attention throughout

the evening,” said Christopher Reed ’05, instructor of mathematics and director

of the Math Center. Reed, who has participated in the event since its inception -

while he was still a student - teamed up with Jason Mifsud ’13, assistant professor

of mathematical science, to offer a study session for Calculus with Analytic

Geometry. “The event provides an efficient way for me to answer each student’s

specific questions so they are prepared for their final exams,” said Reed.

Cullen Chandler, Ph.D., associate professor of history, also attended the first

Snowden ’til 2 in 2003 and has hosted a study session every year since. This year,

his large crowd of students settled comfortably into chairs and beanbags with their

notebooks and beverages, ready to spend the next two hours studying.

“I have participated in Snowden ’til 2 ever since ... well, for a long time. I really

love it,” said Chandler. “I can get at what the students really need. Essay questions

for exams in Western Civilization can be pretty involved, so it’s a good opportunity to

solidify the material in everyone’s minds. Plus, we get to do that while eating cookies

and drinking cocoa.”

Along with the snacks, pizza and homemade cookies, students can give

their brains a break by playing games, doing puzzles and coloring.

Students can also sign up for a free chair massage from a massage

therapist and enter a raffle to win free prizes.

Even students who do not have a professor hosting a study

session attend.

“I’ve gone a few times over the years, usually when a professor

had a study session,” said Lexie Miller, a senior creative writing

and commercial design major. “However, this year I decided

to attend to get some of my studying done and enjoy my time

with a chair massage and playing games with friends.” Senior

Erin Szogi, a creative writing and psychology major, agrees:

“I love Snowden ’til 2. I’ve gone all four years I’ve been at

Lycoming, whether or not one of my professors held a study

session. The massage and games help me wind down after a

busy semester.”

The event is organized by Library staff and sponsored by

the Office of the Provost, the Office of the Vice President for

Student Life and Dean of Students, the Office of the Dean of

First-Year Students and the Academic Resource Center.

24 professors hosted study sessions.

About 450 students attended.

Participants consumed more than

18 pizzas.

• Library staff made more than

40 dozen cookies.

Tammy Roupp Therapeutic Massage

provided more than 22 massages.

Students won 14 prizes raffled off

throughout the evening.





Snowden stands with Calvin Chandler ’19