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A life with Lycoming

Linda Scott did not just graduate from Lycoming College, she was raised at Lycoming College. Her father was a part of the

first four-year class to graduate in 1949. Dr. D. Frederick Wertz was her father’s boss beginning in 1957. Dr. Frances Knights

Skeath and many other faculty members played bridge at her house. Her mother attended for a year and her brother and sister

are alumni. Linda was surrounded by Lycoming.

While working at the college, her father, Andy Lady, often invited student leaders to have Sunday dinner at their house.

Linda and her sister would help prepare for the guests, one of which happened to be the president of the class of 1970, Jim


Jim was a first-generation student from Parsippany, New Jersey, who was very involved on campus. In addition to serving

as class president, he also worked with the development office to lead the senior pledge initiative. It was then that he became

a faithful donor. Once Jim graduated, he worked as an assistant director of admissions for Lycoming and eventually moved out

of the area for career opportunities in Maine and Massachusetts.

Linda graduated from Lycoming in 1977 with a degree in biology, traveled to several places and eventually settled in New

Jersey, three miles from where Jim grew up. It was here that she became involved with the Alumni Association Executive

Board (AAEB).

Despite the distance, while Jim was living in Massachusetts,

he became more engaged with Lycoming. He also became a

member of the Alumni Association Executive Board and went

on to serve as president. In 2004, his passion for Lycoming

led him to a place on the Board of Trustees; a position he

holds to this day.

While Jim and Linda served on the AAEB together, their

common passion for Lycoming sparked a strong personal

connection, and, in 2007, Jim and Linda got married.

Their individual efforts to support the college came

together into one unified partnership. They want to

do everything in their power to ensure Lycoming

has a bright future and to ensure that bright

future is a possibility for all students.

“We all have time, talent and treasure,”

said Jim. “How much of it are we willing to


Jim dedicates some time and talent by

serving as a career coach for students

at Career Services and the Institute for

Management Studies (IMS). He and

Linda have also recently decided, after

providing for their family, to give their

estate to Lycoming.

“Lycoming is a part of our family,” said

Linda. “So, we’ve decided it’s the best place

to leave our legacy.”

Jim and Linda Scott will soon be able to

dedicate their time, talent and treasures from

Williamsport, Pa., where they will soon be relocating.

Lycoming was a big part of that decision.

To learn how you too can pay it forward,

please visit

or contact Karen Sheaffer ’74

Director of Planned Giving

or 570-321-4311