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Many know what it’s like to trade in an electric

guitar for a minivan or an art studio for an office. The artistic

urge lingers, asleep, sometimes for many years, before being

jarred by an alarm of inspiration.

This was the case for Holly Dusza, who hadn’t played the

cello in 43 years. Her “alarm” was the call of the Lycoming

College Community Orchestra (LCCO), a new ensemble

founded in 2013 by William Ciabattari, Ph.D., associate

professor of music. The group was created, according to

Ciabattari, at least in part, to provide “an opportunity for

musicians to keep playing after their school years.”

It gave Dusza a chance to dust off her instrument and

perform for the public, something she, at the age of 60, never

thought she’d do again. “Needless to say I had (and still have) a

lot of catching up to do,” she said. “But I find playing the cello is

a renewed way to feed my soul.”

The LCCO was created with the help of a $15,000 grant from

the Williamsport-Lycoming Community Fund and performed

its first concert in November 2013. Since then, the ensemble

has only continued to grow and improve, with the community

being thankful for the opportunity. “Everyone I talk to seems

grateful to get a chance to make music with a large group of

people,” Ciabattari said. “The audiences are mostly friends of

the players, so I think that they are also glad to see their friends

pursuing this activity that they love.”

Lycoming Baroque Choir and Orchestra

Choir alumni, your voices have been heard. To everyone who

has, at the sight of choir director Chris Jackson, exclaimed, “I

loved being in the choir!”, “It was my favorite experience at the

college!” and “I miss it so much!”, now is your time to make

singing at Lyco more than a fond memory.

With the creation of the Lycoming Baroque Choir and

Orchestra (LBCO), Jackson and Fiona Gillespie, instructor of

music, have fashioned an ensemble for long-distance alumni.

Like the LCCO, the LBCO is open to the Williamsport

community, but its rehearsal schedule is also specifically

designed so that alumni can fly in for a long weekend and

perform for the college community after only a few days of

practicing together.

The first concert, which was held in November, was an

experimental triumph, showing that the setup could produce

more than adequate results. “If I might say, as a conductor, it

is always a bit nerve-wracking to go into a rehearsal where

all the members are singing together for the first time. So

many things can go wrong!” Jackson said. “But nothing

did! In fact, it was quite the opposite. I was shocked by how

successful it was.”

The next LBCO concert will be held in the spring of

2015. Alumni interested in performing with the ensemble should


to arrange an audition.


chance to


New ensembles

invite community

and alumni

to perform again

By Matthew Parrish ’06

No matter how

strong a passion is,

sometimes life gets

in the way.