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is the success of the opening

for the gallery’s first exhibition, selections from the Barbara

and Leonard Sylk collection. The event was held Oct. 24 and

featured Lycoming students, faculty and staff mingling with

Williamsport dignitaries and arts representatives as they

discussed their appreciation for the museum-quality work in

the museum-quality space.

The display was a rare chance to see artworks from a

renowned collection that is normally not seen anywhere

outside of the home of Barbara and Leonard Sylk. The pieces

included everything from rural landscapes and classic nudes

to works of pure abstraction. Barbara, a Lycoming College

alumna and trustee, was happy to not only loan the art, but

also to take part in the organization of the exhibition and

the opening of the gallery. “Working with the faculty and

the students to curate, organize, install and light the work

proved to be very rewarding for me,” she said. “I also was

thrilled to be involved in the beginning of this endeavor to

integrate the college and the town through the new gallery.”

The “town” wasn’t shy about showing its approval as

well. Many people who have no direct connection to the

college have told President Trachte that the art gallery was

a great idea. “Merchants, community leaders,

arts council members, the mayor, any number

of different people have come up and expressed

their positive feelings towards the gallery,”

Trachte said.

Far from seeing the new venture as

competition, John Yogodzinski, co-owner

of the professional art gallery in downtown

Williamsport, Converge Gallery, sees it as a boon

for the neighborhood and his business. “I think

the new space is a nice addition to the downtown,”

he said. “We at Converge welcome other galleries

to the neighborhood because it only enhances our

position as an art destination.”

Adding to the choir of supporters was Judy Olinsky,

vice president of the Lycoming County Celebrates the Arts

Alliance, who said, “I think that Lycoming College opening

a gallery downtown enriches the life of the community. To

bring this touch of elegance and to share it is wonderful. I

think it really makes the community better.”

It seems that no matter which way you look at it, the

Lycoming College Art Gallery is a resounding success.

Trachte said, “It’s clear that the gallery has given Lycoming

some very good recognition and that people are appreciative

of the college having a presence downtown.”

Situated right at the apex of West Fourth

and Court Streets, the Lycoming College Art

Gallery is convenient for artgoers out for a

stroll during First Fridays (Williamsport’s

monthly arts extravaganza) and is within

walking distance for Lycoming students as

well. It’s the perfect setup for a confluence of

college and community.

Exhibit A

different people have come up and expressed their positive feelings towards the gallery.


Among those in attendance

were Lycoming College

Trustees Pete Sides ’60,

Frank Pellegrino and Robert

Shangraw ’58 (emeritus);

Williamsport Mayor Gabriel

J. Campana; Pennsylvania

College of Technology

President Davie Jane Gilmour;

State Representative Rick

Mirabito; County Commissioner

Tony Mussare; and Vice

President of the Lycoming

County Celebrates the Arts

Alliance Judy Olinsky.