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Amanda applied to Lycoming as well as Lock Haven

University, her “back-up school.” She said she received her

acceptance letter from Lock Haven first, and did visit, but

that “it just didn’t feel like home.” Amanda added: “I knew in

my heart that I needed to go to Lycoming. The day I got my

acceptance letter from Lycoming was probably the greatest day

of my life. Some of my friends and family wanted me to go to

Lock Haven instead because of cost, but Lycoming offered me

a great scholarship and I didn’t let anyone change my mind.”

Bethany and Kaitlyn visited Lycoming together and fell in

love with the campus all over again. “The idea of going to

a small school was something I valued,” said Bethany.

“The campus became my home and the people became my

family. My first year at Lycoming has been amazing and I look

forward to the next three years.”

Amanda said taking Dr. Feinstein’s “Memoir and Metaphor

First-Year Seminar” was one of her favorite courses. “We got to

write about meaningful life experiences, and it really helped me

think more about who I am and what I want to accomplish,”

said Amanda. “So many people invested in my life to make

me the person I am today. Without these friends, teachers and

mentors I wouldn’t be at Lycoming, but of course my biggest

hero is my mom. She raised my brother and me almost single-

handedly. She is a great example to me of selflessness and


By tutoring classmates, Bethany has seen the power in

education. “I want to teach, change the world and make it a

better place. That’s what I believe the purpose of life is. It may

not have influenced my college decision at an early age, but

definitely as I got older it became an important factor.” Her

sister, Kaitlyn, feels the same way. “I’ve always said, my career

will be spent changing lives and leaving the world a better place

than when I arrived.”

“Lycoming isn’t just a college it’s a home,”


Bethany. “It is a place where you meet your best friends and

where you grow into the person you want to be. The professors

and college staff are the kindest people you will ever meet. They

will share their stories and you will make stories of your own.

Lycoming has many traditions that you will become a part of:

walking through the David B Sykes Gates your freshman year

and through the Oliver Sterling Metzler Gates at graduation.

You will eat in Wertz dining hall and at Café 1812. You will

buy way too much Lycoming apparel and leave spring semester

with a lot more than you came with in the fall. You will spend

more hours in Snowden Library than your dorm room, but the

Library staff will make it worth it. Lycoming won’t just be where

you go to college — you will be Lycoming, and that’s exactly

what you’ll remember.”




By Michael J. Soloway