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friends had the same reaction, also wanting to contribute to his

cross country trip to the bachelor party.

“Of course, the first thing my buddies did was look him up

on Facebook,” Minetti said. “They couldn’t help but comment

‘hey, you idiots look alike!’ ”

Jeff promised Joe that if he made it to the bachelor party,

he would not only give him a spot on the guest list for the

wedding, but he would also give him the opportunity to give

the toast.

Since several friends on the East and West Coast had

expressed interest in chipping in for Joe’s travel to the

bachelor party, Joe started a GoFundMe page for friends

to donate to his trip across the U.S. Within 20 hours of

starting the page, he had more than enough money to

purchase a plane ticket to Philadelphia. But it didn’t stop

there. As the money continued to roll in, Joe changed the

goal to $10,000, noting that he wanted to pay for Jeff and

Amy’s honeymoon to Italy.

“Once donations started going toward our

honeymoon, I told people, ‘I’m sharing this GoFundMe

page because I think it’s hilarious that people are

donating to this, but don’t donate. Give your money to

cancer research or another worthy cause,’ ” Jeff said.

“The more I said that, the more people continued to

donate. Amy and I said from the very beginning we

would pay it forward times ten.”

Then, the media calls began. The first two calls

Jeff received came from a wedding reporter at the

Philadelphia Magazine and the local NBC channel.

From there, it went completely viral. The story was

featured on radio stations in Philadelphia and Seattle,

Fox and Friends, NBC, CBS, The Ellen DeGeneres

Show, Buzzfeed, The Chive, New York Times, Time Magazine

and Barstool Sports. It didn’t stop there; European and

Australian radio stations picked it up via Facebook. Then, the

reporters started showing up to visit Jeff at work.

“Regardless of who I talked to, I kept telling them the same

thing: if you’re going to cover this, make it a feel good story

about a stranger with a big heart. My friends were welcoming,

and his were supportive, from the very beginning,” said Jeff.

One of the calls Jeff received came from the Rachel Ray

Show, inviting him and his groomsmen to be featured on the

show. As if having the opportunity to be on set for the show

wasn’t enough, Rachel gave Jeff and his wife, Amy, a cruise of

Italy through Celebrity Cruises and Expedia.

Despite the craziness, Jeff’s bachelor party plans remained

the same, with the addition of a camera crew. They started at

Tony Luke’s, where a Duck Boat picked them up and took them

to the Field House. After that, it was off to the casino. “It’s a

blessing, such a blessing, that I refuse to see it any other way.

Working around Good Morning America timetables is such a

first world problem to have. Was my schedule crazy? Absolutely!

But I got to meet good people and do fun things,” Jeff said.

While the media calls have come to an end, Jeff still gets

recognized in public as that guy who invited a stranger to his

bachelor party. And he is still misspelling email addresses.

In Lycoming’s email communication with him for this story,

he forwarded information to Amy and Joe for review and

misspelled both of their email addresses. According to Joe,

this could be the beginning of a whole new group of “typo

friendships” for Jeff.

“At the end of the day, this situation was anything but the

status quo and in telling our story we gave people something to

laugh at and smile about. That is what I am most proud of,” Joe


“The best part of all of this?” Jeff said. “I hit the lottery when

Amy said yes, and I got to marry my best friend.”

Luckily, the person Jeff intended to email instead of Joe was a

good friend who had been kept up-to-date of the plans through

conversations and attended the bachelor party. Jeff and Amy

were married on May 2 and honeymooned in Italy, where they

received a special blessing for a happy wedded life from the Pope

himself as a result of getting sposi novella (Italian for “newlywed

couples”) tickets. These tickets get newlywed couples, in full

wedding attire, access to a special section of the audience where

the Pope greets and takes photos with individual couples married

within the past two months.