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“Our hope is that participants in the

program will be able to apply what they

have learned in a new and experiential

way that will serve to be memorable for

their future endeavors,” said Lawrence

Mannolini III, director of student

programs and leadership development at

Lycoming College.

The highlight of the first day was

an intensive battlefield tour where

participants learned about key decisions

made by Union and Confederate

generals and colonels. Licensed

battlefield guide Sue Boardman

discussed how those decisions exposed

the leadership styles and effectiveness

of each officer. The tour included group

exercises such as building fences and

loading fake cannons.

On the second day, students were

prompted to reflect carefully and draw

parallels between the leadership lessons

learned the day before and with their

own past experiences. They then were

prompted to evaluate how they can

become more effective leaders in the


“Sue and Larry did a fantastic job

of coupling the battlefield history with

leadership lessons,” said Rita Sausmikat,

a senior with a major in history from

Williamsport. “It wasn’t the same

leadership lectures I’d heard over and


“Gaining perspective of the events

that happened 150 years ago really hit

home and sunk in about how decisions

can affect other people’s lives,” she said.

Supported by President Trachte, the

staff from Lycoming’s Office of Student

Programs and Leadership Development

and the Gettysburg Foundation

developed and led the experience. The

program was based on concepts from the

Student Leadership Challenge™, a model

used in many of the programs and

workshops offered by Student Programs.

The Office of Student Programs and

Leadership Development plans to

continue to provide the fulfilling

experience based on the availability of

future funding.

“It has definitely led me to re-evaluate

my leadership style and try to apply what

I learned from the trip in my leadership

positions,” said Oluwatosin Fayinminu,

a junior with a major in sociology from

Tampa, Florida. “I definitely recommend

this program to everyone.”


Gaining perspective of the

events that happened 150 years

ago really hit home and sunk in

about how decisions can affect

other people’s lives.

Olivia Coleman

, political science

senior from Pottstown, Pennsylvania

Cassidy Coveleski

, political science

and corporate communications senior

from Coal Township, Pennsylvania

Allison de Haas

, political science

sophomore from Easton, Pennsylvania

Oluwatosin Fayinminu

, sociology

junior from Tampa, Florida

Margaret Hervey

, business

management and psychology junior

from Commack, New York

Amanda Kellagher

, corporate

communications junior from Saint Clair,


Zachary Kibler

, mathematics and

education junior from East Greenville,


Luke Klinger

, health care

administration, business management

and business marketing senior from

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania

Katelyn Lord

, health care

administration senior from Kingston,


Natalie Murphy

, psychology senior

from Honesdale, Pennsylvania

Elizabeth Perez

, psychology senior

from New York City

Rebecca Reed

, history and American

studies sophomore from Waynesboro,


Rita Sausmikat

, history senior from

Williamsport, Pennsylvania

Benjamin Williard

, accounting

and finance senior from Dornsife,


Karl Woodall

, political science senior

from Glen Burnie, Maryland